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Ep. 89 My Offbeat Journey: Embracing the lazy entrepreneur mindset.

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Embracing the lazy entrepreneur mindset.

Today we are talking about becoming a lazy entrepreneur and what it takes to be able to embrace the mindset. After failing several businesses, I have learned that working harder does not always mean earning more money. It took a lot of tries before I was able to figure out where to put my efforts in that can give me the most results.

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Let’s face the facts, we have to work hard in the beginning in order to strategize and create the systems to make your business run even when you are not there. But, it can be hard to turn down work that do not serve your purpose even though it can make you income. I realized that by accepting these job took time away from actual goals which would make achieving them even more difficult.

I have also learned that in order to grow, I have to delegate. It can be difficult to do this from the start because of limited income. But once you are able and ready, it will be the best thing you can do for your business in order to make it grow, because the more time you are able to focus on creating systems and strategies the more your business will grow.

lazy entrepreneur mindset

Outsourcing is great, but you have to also know where to find the right people to hire, the right questions to ask and the right trial tasks to give them before you hire. I will be talking more about this in my next My Offbeat Journey episode in more details, so make sure you tune in for that.

Having the help and delegating tasks is also a great strategy in the long run so that you are able to give control and if you decide to move on to something else or take a break, you have the confidence to know that your business will continue to run even without you.

So learn to let go of different aspects of your business that you do not have to manage and trust that someone else can do the job, maybe even better than you.

Another way to embrace the lazy entrepreneur lifestyle is going out of your comfort zone. Doing more work does not always mean making more money, but going out of your comfort zone can push you to find the right opportunities.

Another way I have been able to embrace the lazy entrepreneur mindset is by creating repeatable systems that will make my life easier.

Let me know what you think of embracing the  “lazy entrepreneur” mindset and if you have also taken the steps becoming one.

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