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Ep. 64 How to sail around the world and live life without limiting beliefs with Kach Howe

Have you ever wondered how to sail around the world and live life without limiting beliefs?

This week I speak with Kach Howe who is an entrepreneur, traveler and sailor!

Kach and her husband Jonathan met while backpacking through Asia and soon became inseparable.

From backpackers, to travel bloggers and now sailors they have gone on a journey to over 100 countries and seven continents together.

Kach aims to be one of the first Asian woman to travel all the countries in the world with her Philippine Passport, a feat that is not easy to conquer!

Although Kach and Jonathan loved to travel, they knew that they could not sustain a lifestyle as travel bloggers.

So, they decided to let go of their travel blog in order for Jonathan to focus on sailing and Kach to continue to travel the world without the stress.

Today they live on their sailboat and have created a new blog Mr. and Mrs. Howe  that focuses on  helping their amazing readers live the life they truly want to live.

Listen on to find out how to sail around the world and live life without limiting beliefs.

Listen Below:

In this Episode:

How did you get the courage to live outside of the box – especially coming from a third world country?

  • Her dad helped her get a job in Kuwait that allowed her to realize that she can earn more money if she worked abroad.
  • Kach decided to work in Iraq for an oil company and saved up money to buy property in the Philippines and to travel.
  • This decision led her to meet her husband Jonathan.
  • Just remember not to quit your job just for the sake of quitting.
  • You have to figure out how to make your dream life more sustainable.
  • You do not want to quit and go back to where you started once you come back from travel so have a set plan.
  • Make sure to invest in your skills and have a passive source of income.

How did you and Jonathan start a travel blog?

  • Kach and Jonathan got tired of backpacking and wanted to stay in nicer hotels.
  • She researched how to get discounts in accommodations and realized that bloggers were able to travel for free in exchange for a feature and a review in their blog.
  • Kach and Jonathan did not even have a proper computer and camera when they started their blog.
  • They pitched their stories to bigger publishers which allowed her to get feedback from the readers.
  • She used these questions to start writing the content for her travel blog.

How did you create a healthier lifestyle for yourself after your blog was creating stressed making you unhealthy?

  • They changed their business model from their personal blog to create a community website.
  • However, although other people where doing the writing they still had to coordinate the site.
  • Kach and Jonathan decided to sell their site after it was creating health problems and stress for Kach.
  • Kach then decided to start a new blog that is more focused on helping people and allows her to create more income with less stress.

What is the biggest setback that you have encountered and how do you handle them?

  • Letting go of the blogging business was a difficult decision to make because they had to learn how to let go a business they had worked so hard for.
  • Although it was a difficult decision, it was the best move they have ever made.
  • They have learned to prioritize their health, and have been able to monetize the new blog.

What is is like living on a boat?

  • The cost of living is a lot cheaper and it is a great way to have a home base without spending a lot of money.

How has the law of attraction played a role in your life?

  • You attract what you put out.
  • Focusing on abundance has led to more positivity in Kach and Jonathan’s life.
  • Do not be afraid that other people will get your ideas because what can never change is you. You are what makes an idea happen.
  • The reason why there are delays to receiving what you want is because you are not ready or your heart is not open to receive.
  • Remember you should not always expect to receive you also have to give.

What has been the worst advice you have ever received?

  • Misconceptions about traveling to other countries.
  • Advice that gives you fear or dissuades to because you are a woman.

How did you create income at the start and how do you continue to create income today?

  • With Two Monkeys Sailing they were able to monetize the site through press trips and affiliates.
  • With Kach has focused on travel coaching by helping people receive their visas and travel long term.

What legacy do you want to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Have the legacy of  being one of the first Asians to travel all the countries in the world.
  • Show people that you should not have any limiting beliefs.

What do you nerd out on?

  • Watching sunsets and the stars
  • Any activities that involve the water.

What has been the most life changing encounter that has happened to you during your travels?

  • Meeting a woman in Zimbabwe who seemed to have it all, but looks cab be deceiving.
  • There is so much more than just the surface of someones life.
  • It’s not about the money, it’s about how you fulfill your life and what you do with it.


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