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Ep. 79 My Offbeat Journey: Celebrating becoming a location independent entrepreneur.

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Welcome to My Offbeat Journey, where I share the lessons I’ve learned to become a successful location independent entrepreneur.

Today is a pretty special episode for me for two reasons. First, because it’s my 34th bday and second because it is the first episode where I am a full-time freelancer!

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One of the questions I have been getting a lot from people when I tell them that the end is here is: are you excited or nervous?

And honestly, I’m sort of numb, or maybe a bit nervous but maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet.

I am just looking forward to what the next year will bring.

This year has definitely given me a lot of curveballs that I didn’t know were going to happen and hopefully I was able to learn from all of them.

So, the big day is here, but now what?

This is probably the most exciting and the scariest part of it all, because I have taken out the parachute and I’ve jumped into the unknown.

In the past, I have made a lot of mistakes that led to failures in my business. But the greatest thing about failure is that you learn what you should not do.

Based on my failures, I have created plans for my current business that will allow me to thrive and grow.

Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned on how to become a successful location independent entrepreneur.

1) Create a marketing plan that will allow your content to be seen. In the past, I have always been a perfectionist when it came to content. Spending hours on content but did nothing to market so that it was actually seen.

Now, I have created different strategies to market my content and experimented in different ways to see what works best and what people are gravitating towards.

From Pinterest, sharing in social media, SEO, collaborations to ads. I’ve spoken to successful entrepreneurs and received tips and feedback that I will be using in the coming year.

It is so important to get those feedback and to keep trying until you figure out your secret sauce.

Remember that it may take some time to see the results, so you have to be patient.

2) Do not spend unnecessarily on your business, until you are creating some income.

3) When you are ready to hire an assistant – make sure they are trainable or have skills that are better than yours or both!

4) Be prepared for lean times. Make sure you have savings and have different sources of income so you are not desperate for jobs or go back to a 9-5.

|Learn how to deal with stress and anxiety when leaving your 9-5 

5) Remembering that it takes time and everyone’s results are different. It’s bad enough when you put pressure on yourself, but it’s even worse when you start comparing yourself to other people’s journeys.

Focus and stay in your own lane. Do what is best for you and your business, learn as much as you can, and pivot when it times for a change that is best for your personal journey.

I am so honored that you have all gone through this journey with me and I cant wait to see what is ahead of us! It’s been a crazy year of wins and heartaches but there is so much more to come and I cant wait to go through this journey with all of you!

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