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Ep. 55 My Offbeat Journey: The road to becoming a location independent Podcaster

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Welcome to My Offbeat Journey, where I share how I am preparing to become a location independent podcaster!

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In this episode:

  1. Sharing my journey into becoming a location independent podcaster.
  2. Learning from my past mistakes has helped me become more prepared to become a full-time freelancer
  3. How to prepare before becoming a fulltime freelancer.
  4. Why you should create income from your passion project before leaving your 9-5
  5. The importance of nurturing your personal relationships throughout your journey.
  6. Self care and rest is crucial to success.
  7. Why entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride and why failure is part of the journey.
  8. See your failure as a learning opportunity.
  9. It does not get any easier, you just keep getting better.
  10. How your fears and anxieties can lead to failure.

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