Ep. 20 How to Make Money Teaching English Online while traveling the world with Matt Treglia and Marilyn Borth

January 08, 2018

Make Money Teaching English Online

This week, I talk to Matt and Marilyn who make money teaching English online and are travel podcasters from Words with Winos.

Matt and Marilyn wanted to travel the world but knew they needed to find a career that would allow them the lifestyle. They tried teaching English in Korea in a classroom, but soon found that the strict schedule was not right for them.

A friend then introduced them to teaching English online and it was the perfect fit for the life they knew they wanted to live.

Today, Matt and Marilyn live in different countries all over the world and able to make money teaching English online which afford them their dream to travel and live anywhere in the world.

In this episode, Matt and Marilyn discusses how to overcome obstacles that will stop you from living your dreams and how to make money teaching English online while traveling the world.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • Who would be the perfect person to become an Online English Teacher.
  • Why patience is key to a nomadic lifestyle.
  • The set backs you will face while living abroad.
  • What is the standard salary for an Online English Teacher.
  • How to create a healthy relationship while traveling with your partner.
  • Why having balance in a relationship can help you through difficult situations.
  • Why google will be your best friend as a digital nomad.
  • You can always find ways to go around any obstacles in order to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • The biggest misconceptions for a digital nomad.
  • How to afford to travel the world while teaching English online.
  • Why being a digital nomad is a REAL career.
  • The importance of loving what you do.
  • Where to find job teaching English online.


Click here to get the extended interview with Marilyn to find out how to afford living abroad long term


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  1. Such an inspiring story and a great suggestion. Travellin the world while teaching English onilne seems like an exceptional thing to do. Thanks for sharing Matt and Marilyn story, Debbie!

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