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Ep. 4 : How to turn a hobby into a multi million dollar company with Meagan Cignoli

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turning a hobby into a multi million dollar company


Once upon a time….

A girl steps away from a successful photography career.

Creates beautiful stop motion videos for fun.

Get’s noticed by major brands, given awards and amasses millions of followers on social media.

Then had the amazing foresight to build a creative production company from her social media success.

Wanna know how she did it?

Join me to find out how Meagan created a business (Visual Country) from her passion and what it took to build a multi million dollar company in the span of 4 years.

In this Episode
  • 1:53

    Only doing what felt right at the moment led her to do stop motion videos

  • 2:49

    Within a few weeks of making stop motion videos Meagan was getting contacted by major brands when her following on Vine was growing so rapidly.

  • 3:53

    Loosing 800K followers on Vine allowed her to create more content that she loved and less ads that she did not enjoy.

  • 4:36

    Struggles of running a company, being in charge of employees and being a boss.

  • 6:42

    What happens when the inspiration stops coming?

  • 6:54

    Doing what makes you happy, even if it don’t make sense.

  • 8:50

    Collapsing fear into her identity, stopped Meagan from doing illustration for 10-15 years. She recently took up illustration again and within a few weeks, she was illustrating for Fendi and Dior.

  • 10:40

    Beating one fear can lead you to having the confidence to beat others.

  • 12:27

    The importance of keeping appointments with people who keep you grounded and in the moment.

  • 13:44

    Creating income from space rentals helped Meagan travel the world and afford to live in New York City.

  • 15:15

    How Meagan strategically grew and expanded her business.

  • 19:05

    You don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed as an artist.


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