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Ep. 67 Mentorship Episode: How to monetize podcasts with Debbie and Adrien

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Have you ever wondered how to monetize podcasts?

This week I am so excited to do a mentorship episode with Adrien Behn.

Adrien is the creator and host of Strangers abroad, a  podcast that encourages individuals to travel farther around the world and within themselves.

Although Adrien loves storytelling, she is unsure of how to grow and monetize her podcast.

I am so happy to share a few trade secrets with Adrien on how I was able to grow  The Offbeat Life podcast and how to create opportunities through relationships.

Listen on to find out how to create an engaged audience and how to monetize podcasts.


Listen Below:

In this Episode:

How did you start marketing your podcast?

  • Find relevant Facebook groups that you can share your episodes with.
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to share your episodes.
  • A guest with a bigger audience does not necessarily mean bigger listens. It is all about the topic of your episode and the demand and interest.

What type of Facebook groups are you sharing content and what are you posting in the groups?

  • It depends on the topic that each episode has, and choosing specific groups that would be interested in your episode and topic.
  • Make sure that you are ahead of schedule with your episodes so you can find appropriate groups to share the specific topics.
  • Do not do ads until you are starting to create some income.
  • Delegating tasks to an assistant will be a better way to spend your money at the beginning rather than ads.

How to you make sure you are a few weeks in advance with your episodes?

  • I or my assistant reach out to potential guests and have a designated day each week to do interviews whether in person or online.
  • Creating a content calendar in order to become more organized with your weekly episode.

How did you create relationships with editors and writers in order to get mentioned in large publications?

  • Do not hesitate to contact writers and editors whose work you admire.
  • Remember it is not about asking to be featured, it is about creating relationships.
  • Interviewing several writers has created more opportunities for The Offbeat Life podcast to be featured in publications.

What is your audience engagement like and how do you foster the relationship?

  • On every episode, I do a call to action in order to encourage my audience to reach out to me and become more involved.
  • Create opportunities for your listeners to be comfortable speaking with you.
  • Holding events where your listeners can meet you and also meet each other.

How was it like to do a live episode?

  • It was amazing to meet actual listeners of the show and celebrating such a huge milestone.
  • The energy with a live audience was incredible to see and feel.

What were some of the steps you took in order to prepare to leave your 9-5?

  • I surrounded myself with people who successfully create income from their work (bloggers, bloggers, etc.)
  • Jacob and Esther’s e-course helped me get to the next level and allowed me to learn how to negotiate in order to create solid income from podcasting.
  • Visit local and use OFFBEAT100 to get $100 off!

How do you create a business with a podcast?

  • Create income through sponsorships and creating products that your audience needs and wants.
  • Although leaving your 9-5 is a dream, you also have to be realistic and understand what you need to do in order to achieve this goal.


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