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Ep. 58 My Offbeat Journey: How letting go of fear will give you more abundance.

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Welcome to My Offbeat Journey, where I share how letting go of fear will give you more abundance.

Do you ever notice that the more you fear something, the worse it becomes and often times can lead to the thing that you didn’t want to happen the most?

This year has been one of the best and worst times in my life. The best because I am actually creating income from my podcast.

A dream that I never thought would ever happen.

The worst because one of the most important relationships in my life has ended. The feeling is still raw, so I won’t get into this right now- maybe later when the pain is not as deep, I’ll be able to share without ugly crying. 

I’ve been soul searching these last few weeks and one of the main reasons why I have experienced failure and defeat has been due to my fears.

I have made it my mission to let go of these fears and truly live my life without questioning my instincts and wants.

It has become my mission to let go of my fear and not to make decisions out of desperation. Everything that has been decided from desperation leads to more pain and failure.

Listen on to find out how letting go of fear has led to more abundance in my life.

Listen Below:


Here are the 5 reasons why letting go of fear will give you more abundance.

Fear of money

Once I let go of the fear of money in a matter of weeks I signed 2 contracts that amounted to more than 10K. I let go of the fear and started speaking to individuals who were successful in creating income from their passions which led me to become inspired and take the right steps.

|That first step was to take Jacob Fu and Esther Julee’s e-course that helped me pitch and negotiate deals with brands. Negotiating has been crucial to creating income for my podcast and if you want to learn how you can create more income from your blog, podcast or whatever it is that you are passionate about make sure to visit and use the code OFFBEAT100 to get $100 off the course.|

more abundance

Fear of getting your ideas taken

Scarcity mentally has stopped me from growing my business. Once I have stopped thinking that people will take my idea and run away with it, I have created more abundance and more ideas that led to more creativity and income for my business.

Mastermind groups can be a game changer for your business due to ideas being shared and the feedback that you can receive that will make your business better.

Learning that the more I help and the more I receive help, the faster we all grow together.

Fear of leaving my job

For a long time, there was a lot of fear to leave my job, because lets face it – going into the unknown is hard enough. But creating income while you jump into it is even scarier.

The day I finally got the courage to let my company know that I was leaving – was the day I also realized that people wanted to see me genuinely happy.

Instead of guilt, I felt like the support from the people around me. It was then that I knew that people want to see me genuinely happy.

Fear of failure

The fear of failure is in everyones mind when they first set off to try something new. In some circumstances it can actually stop you from doing what you love and to live life in a purposeful way.

I began to let go when I changed my mindset – realizing that failure is the stepping stone to success. Instead of dreading fear- I began to welcome the lessons it brought me which led to success. 

Fear of other people’s opinions.

Like many of you- I always wanted to be liked and to please other people. Then I came into the realization that it actually stopped me from experiencing so many incredible things in my life.

Although I respect other peoples opinions, I came to a decision that I will no longer live my life to make other people happy. Because in order to help others, I need to be happy with myself and make my own decisions.

By letting go of all of these fears, and the scarcity mentally, I was able to welcome more abundance in my life that has led  to more success.

I hope that you can join me in this mission and I would love to hear how it has affected your life.


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  1. Lelo Coetzee says:

    How do I start Debbie?

    1. debbie says:

      Hey Lelo, How do you start with what?

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