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My Offbeat Journey: Biggest lessons I learned building an online brand while still in my 9-5

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In today’s episode, we will be talking about how to build a brand and business while still in your 9-5.
If you are still working your 9-5 but your ultimate goal is to eventually start your own online business, then the best time to start is now.


This is one of the best ways to do it because it will allow you to make mistakes and still have the ability to have a steady income, and also allow you to learn while you grow.

Just a heads up, it will be a lot of work and will test your patience, and emotions. But it will also let you know if this brand and business are right for you.

I personally did this, and I am so glad that I did because it allowed me to create income and to see if it was something that I really wanted to do full-time and if I can create income before leaving my 9-5.

Today, I will share with you the 5 biggest lessons I learned to build a brand in order to prepare and succeed when I finally left my 9-5.

The first is to figure out where your passion lies and if this passion can be monetized. You need to have a good understanding of what a good market looks like. Do your research before you get started and once you have a good understanding of what types of offer, create the products or services that will align with you and your audience.

One of the biggest mistakes that I made with some of my past businesses is only focusing on my passions but did not realize that in order to create income, I also needed to understand how to run a business.

That is why the second thing that you need to learn is how to create systems for yourself and your business that will also focus on monetizing your brand. Meaning are you doing tasks that will make money, or are they only the fun stuff that you like?

Start observing the tasks that you are doing. What purpose is it serving your business?

Are you creating more than you are doing tasks that will allow you to land more clients?

The third is to be a part of a community or to build a community with who can collaborate and bounce ideas.

This lifestyle can be a lonely road and it is so crucial for your success to make connections with people in your industry.

When I started my podcast and business, no one in my personal circle had a podcast, or was interested in this platform, or was in the online creative space.

So, I started reaching out to people in my space and I interviewed a lot of creatives that became close friends! Believe me, it is so good to talk about business with people who care and understand.

The fourth lesson I have learned is to never see mistakes and setbacks as failures. Instead, think about them as learning experiences that will allow you to grow.

I know it can be hard to see these setbacks as a stepping stone to something bigger, but it is really necessary in order for you to grow. So embrace them and learn from everything… learn to pivot because these setbacks will be the best thing that can happen because it will allow you to grow and learn the most.

Last but not least, do not do everything yourself. If you are still working your 9-5 and you still have deposable income, then start investing in yourself.

Of course, you can do everything yourself, of course, you can figure out answers. But how long will it take to finally find the right answer, how much time will you be investing before you figure out what is best for you.

When I finally understood that I was paying for someone’s experience and knowledge, and the time it would save me to learn the lessons that skilled individuals already know and hired a coach.

This is when everything began to change and I began to grow and prosper with my business.

So, if you are serious about building your brand, and authority while still at your 9-5 message me at collab@, so I can find out how to get you to the next level and learn your goals.

I have helped my clients gain clarity with their brand, create the right banding message, and how to effectively monetize their online business to help them achieve their goals.

Again you can email me at to get more info.



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