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My Offbeat Journey: New business changes

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In this episode, I share the new changes in my business and how I am starting to pivot.



This whole year has been a lot of learning and growing for me as a business owner.
Since the beginning of my podcast and biz, I mainly focused on getting brand sponsorships to create income.
But this year, I decided to make a huge pivot and start focusing more on launching and perfecting my how to create a profitable podcast program.
I always knew that I was going to eventually start creating digital products for my business, but I didn’t dive into it earlier because I wanted to get good at what I am teaching others.
I don’t want to just put out a product that didn’t work for me and for others, that is why this podcasting program has really been a baby of mine.
It took a lot of effort, failures, and lessons to create it and I am finally confident enough to really put it out there.
These last few months, I have really been learning to many things that are out of my comfort zone, like fb marketing, sales funnels, copy writing, launching and everything else in between.
And every day is always different. Some days I feel like the queen of the world because I made sales and then there are days that I would feel like such a failure because nothing is happening.
But I just keep reminding my self that success does not come easy, and before I had a successful podcast, I also had to go through these growing pains.
And that my friend is how I am dealing with this.
So, right now I am focusing on my podcasting course and really learning how to launch it properly and staying optimistic and learning as much as I can from the failures and wins.
So if you are also in a new phase of your business or anything else new in your life. This is just a quick reminder that we all start from the beginning and we all learn as we go.
The people who succeed are the ones who follow one course until they succeed.
If you are resonating with me right now, I’d love to hear your own journey right now. Feel free to email me at
I’d love to hear from you!
Alright, until next time friends. I will speak to you again next month to catch you up on the progress of my launch and everything else in between.

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