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Ep. 46 How choosing passion over paycheck is crucial to success with Kaitlyn Cawley

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Would you choose passion over paycheck?

This week I speak with Kaitlyn Cawley who is the Editor at Large at Bustle Digital Group.

Kaitlyn has always been a risk-taker, leaving New York City at the age of 19 to live in France and coming back a few years later to help create Elite Daily.

Since helping to start Elite Daily, Kaitlyn has gone on to become the Editor at Large for Bustle Digital Group where she manages Elite Daily, Bustle, and Romper.

Although Kaitlyn is not Location Independent, she does hire many talented writers who work from wherever and are passionate about travel.

She and her team have recently launched Wander of Bust, A travel guide for women that will get you to explore the world in unique ways.

In this episode, Kaitlyn shares how choosing passion over paycheck is crucial to your success and why you should not go into debt just to get a college education.

Kaitlyn has created an incredible career for herself that allows her to combine her passions as a writer and storyteller.

She is truly inspiring and has incredible tips for those of you who are interested in getting featured in Bustle Digital Group!

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In this Episode:
  • Kaitlyn moved to a new country at the age of 19 without speaking the language and after four years abroad, she came back to New York City to help start Elite Daily.
  • How Kaitlyn and her team started Elite Daily and what niche they fulfilled.
  • Why Millennials are looking for an experience rather than materials.
  • Why travel is so much more accessible to people and what we should do to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Why Elite Daily became successful and the steps Kaitlyn took to help grow Elite Daily.
  • How Elite Daily succeeded because they gave solid and valuable advice to the younger generation.
  • There are so many opportunities for us now to create a life that would not have been possible years ago.
  • How Kaitlyn balances her passion with her career as the Editor at large at Bustle Digital Group.
  • Choosing passion over paycheck is crucial to finding happiness.
  • Why long hours at work is not so bad if you actually enjoy what you do for a living.
  • What an average day looks like for an editor at large.
  • The new issue from Elite Daily “Out of here” – a travel guide for millennial women that covers every aspect from best Instagram spots to practical advice and tips.
  • The biggest setback that Kaitlyn ever faced was when she graduated college with 95K in debt.
  • How Kaitlyn found a happy medium with paying off her debt, having a steady income, and still have the freedom to travel.
  • Why it is important to make the best financial decisions when it comes to the amount of money you spend on your education, and knowing where to spend in order to be debt-free after graduation.
  • Although going to college is important, it can be unaffordable.
  • The other options to consider if you decide not to attend college.
  • The worst advice Kaitlyn has ever received was to play it safe and to settle.
  • Mistakes are crucial to success and why you should not be afraid to make them.
  • How to survive and thrive in a long-distance relationship.
  • Why you should give yourself time to relax and enjoy procrastination every now and then.
  • The importance of taking your vacation days in order to be more productive.
  • Why you should separate business and pleasure.
  • The importance of clocking out from work – especially when you work from home.
  • Recognize and appreciate what you have done and how far you have come.
  • How the new Travel segment of Elite Daily “Out of Here” will help travel become more accessible to the everyday person.
  • How to pitch to editors (Bustle, Elite Daily, and Romper) and stand out from the crowd.

Listen to Kaitlyn’s extended interview where she shares how travel can become more accessible for everyone.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • Make all your plans before you get to your destination and then be spontaneous when you arrive.
  • Using incognito browsing to look for flights.
  • Why vacation will lead to more productivity.
  • Why you should not feel guilty about traveling.
  • Look at travel as a learning experience
  • How do you save money in order to travel?
  • How to travel like a local in a new place.
  • Safety in a new country, especially as solo travel.
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