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Ep. 54 How to align your passions with your talents to find your purpose with Danny Kimm

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Have you ever wondered how to align your passions with your talents?

This week I speak with Danny Kimm who is a keynote speaker, consultant, and cyborg psychologist.

What’s a cyborg psychologist you ask? It’s… well let’s let Danny explain that in a bit.

Before becoming a consultant, Danny was set to become a doctor, but after several years in school and failing, he realized that he needed to make a transition. So he changed course. This decision led to a lot of pain and shame. But it also led him to his life purpose.

Today, Danny helps other individuals design their personal and professional life callings that allow them to live fulfilled lives.

Listen on to find out how to align your passions with your talents and why we must use technology to help us rather than hinder us.

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passions with your talents


In this Episode:
  • Learning about Danny as a consultant, speaker, and cyborg psychologist.
  • Cyborg psychologist delves into human well-being and technology.
  • How can smartphones distract or detract from human connection?
  • What would it look like to be fully present and to allow technology to instead harness our leadership, communication, and connection, and not hinder it?
  • How can we stay connected in today’s technologically heavy world?
  • What are the top apps people want to delete in order to be more productive- social media, Gmail, and Slack. 
  • What are the best times in the day that you use technology that will allow you to best accomplish your task?
  • It is ironic that the things that should be helping us can also be the reason why we are overwhelmed and why we do not get a lot of tasks completed.
  • Instead of focusing on what we are passionate about, we allow other things to distract us.
  • Figuring out the right mediums that will allow you to become more focused.
  • Using the app moment that tracks your phone usage, which helps you become more aware of your technology usage because it becomes a habit.
  • How happiness now correlates with your technology usage.
  • It’s interesting how we have the fear of missing out when we do not have our phones, yet we are missing out so much on what is the right infant of us.
  • The key to creativity is being fully connected with the present.
  • How technology can create social awkwardness when faced with a real human connection.
  • How Danny transitioned from being a pastor to becoming a consultant and cyborg psychologist.
  • Why your greatest mistakes can lead you to your true calling.
  • Failure can lead to success if you learn from it.
  • Success is not a straight line, it is a zigzag. The more we become ok with that, the closer we will get to where we need to be.
  • How Danny gets over getting nervous public speaking.
  • Success is about making an impact in people’s lives. Being intentional with the people around us.
  • Success is about taking what you naturally do and giving it away to help impact other people’s lives in a positive way.
  • The importance of asking what or who are the voices in your head, and who us determining what passion and success looks like.
  • Money is relative to who is in your sphere of influence.
  • The concept of relative versus absolute wealth.
  • How to live an unconventional life not just with the way we work, but also how we choose to spend and earn our money.
  • Following your passion is not enough. You have to align your passion with your talents in order to succeed.
  • How Danny creates income as a coach, consultant, public speaker, and author of the book in flux – finding purpose in transition.

passions with your talents

Listen to Danny’s extended interview where he shares how to find purpose in transition.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How can we create more space in our lives.
  • Making space in order to become more intentional and to figure out what the real challenge for you.
  • We are our greatest products, when we are unhealthy, our product is unhealthy.
  • The importance of having a community when you are in transition.
  • Why you should not be alone when you are in a transition and the benefits of having the support of others.
  • How to be OK with silence.
  • Taking the moment to pause, be silent, and reflect.
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