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Ep. 27 How to pivot your business to Kickstart growth with Jennifer Chen

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pivot your business to Kickstart growth

How to pivot your business to Kickstart growth with Jennifer Chen

Have you ever wondered how to pivot your business to Kickstart growth?

This week, I talk to Jennifer Chen who is the co-founder of With Dipp. 

Having a Digital Design background, Jennifer knew she wanted to create a product that would be beneficial to small and medium-sized companies.

This led her and her partners to start With Dipp – a company that helps brands tell stories through authentic and relevant user-generated content.

After a long journey and having to change their original idea from an app for travel leisure purposes to becoming a visual automation platform, Jennifer realized that feedback and embracing change can help her company grow.

With the change, Jennifer and her partners were able to secure half a million dollars worth of funding and have recently lunched With Dipp and are working with a variety of companies as well as content creators all over the world.

In this episode, Jennifer shares when to use the gender and race issue when it comes to business and how to pivot your business to Kickstart growth.

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In this Episode:
  • How to pivot your business to kickstart growth.
  • Why it is important to check the domain name availability before investing your time and energy into your designs.
  • The importance of testing your idea as much as possible.
  • Why you should take the time to unplug from work.
  • The different skills you will learn when starting your own business.
  • No one will work harder than you in your business.
  • Why having an elevator pitch is crucial and will help you understand your own business and how you should pitch to others.
  • Always look for feedback when creating a product.
  • Why you should not look at every advice as good advice.
  • Having a good support system will help you succeed.
  • Why it is OK to change your original idea to fit the needs of your consumers.
  • How her 9-5 allowed Jennifer to pursue her business.
  • How to save money in order to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur.
  • Challenge yourself not to spend money with ispending app.
  • Are women undervalued in business?
  • Gender and race issues when it comes to business.

Listen to Jennifer’s extended interview where she shares how to grow your community while creating profit.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • Where to get your investors ( angel list, crunch base)
  • How to deal with rejection
  • How to leverage a relationship with an investor even if they turn you down.
  • The best networking practices and what has worked for Jennifer.
  • How to negotiate once you get an investor.
  • The transition between getting a yes and having the money in the bank.

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pivot your business to Kickstart growth

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