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My Offbeat Journey: Learning to Prioritize the Right Tasks!

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In this episode, I share my tips on how to start prioritizing the right tasks to achieve your goals.


Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to be back to share more of my Offbeat Journey!
I took a bit of a break because its been a pretty crazy few months.
And today, I wanna share a few things that I’ve been doing that has really helped me prioritize the right tasks so I’m longer wasting time on the things that do not matter.
Whether it is in my business or personal life.
Because believe me, there are a lot of things that I have done and you may be doing as well that is not really moving the needle.
So for a really long time, I was a chicken without a head.
I would try everything under the sun, especially when it was something that I’ve seen another guru tell me what to do…
Because come on, if this person is successful and their telling me to do it, then it must work right?!
So, I kept trying new things, then after months of trying, nothing was really moving the needle, bc I kept learning new tricks that I had to try!
But the one thing that I didn’t do, is to sit down and really understand how I want to run my business, what I want to grow and which tasks will get me to that goal.
Instead, I kept adding new tasks and not spending enough time on each of them to actually see the right results.
So after being fed up when nothing was working…
Instead of adding, I started subtracting.
I realized that I was either doing tasks or having my assistants do tasks that didn’t really give us the right return of investment.
I was not only wasting my time but theirs as well.
So, I started to take out the work that I really didn’t need to do.
And only focused on 3-4 that I would be doing a day.
I mean every single day.
So right now, I am mainly focused on creating daily blog posts on my site, interviewing for my podcast, affiliate marketing for my email list and creating digital products.
These are the tasks I decided to prioritize because I want to prep my business for passive income.
And even though I did enjoy my consultations, and socials  and I still accept clients here and there…
It is no longer my main priority.
Which led to hours of free time to now spend on my passive income tasks!
So even though you may to see me as often on my socials, believe me…
There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes…
And I absolutely love it!
It’s been really freeing and now I know what I need to do every single day.
I am no longer distracted and I have a strategy and purpose.
Of course getting to this point took organizing.
I honestly thought that it would be harder, but luckily I was able to create an organizer that helped me make the process super simple.
I created The offbeat organizer that has my 30 day targets, that has helped me break down my daily tasks.
It helped me to hold myself accountable and to see the progress that I have made throughout the month.
And of course it all adds up and will allow you to reach your goals, slowly but steadily.
Because friend, success doesn’t come over night, that’s why we have to be more intentional with the things we do every day.
And hopefully this printable organizer will help you do just that!
If you want to check it out, visit
Its super easy to use and super simple too!
Well that’s it for now friends.
Hopefully you are able to start prioritizing what is really important and stop wasting time on the things that don’t matter!
I will talk to you soon!

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