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Ep. 51 How real world experiences are crucial to success with Andy Steves

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Have you ever wondered how real-world experiences are crucial to success?

This week I speak with Andy Steves who is the founder and “chief backpacker” of Weekend Student Adventures.

Andy grew up traveling Europe with his family and tagging along with dad Rick Steves while he created content for his guide books, hosted his TV show, and led tours.

Andy didn’t set out to become a travel entrepreneur but he saw a need in the market while studying abroad in college. He realized that students wanted to see the sites and have fun on the weekends in order to blow off steam after a long week of hard work.

So, Andy created WSA after graduating from Notre Dame in 2010 and has since led countless tours, written several books including his most recent “Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget” and continues to travel the world as a nomadic entrepreneur.

I am so excited to share all of Andy’s incredible knowledge in travel and how real-world experiences are crucial to success. Listen on to find out all of Andy’s tips and tricks!

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In this Episode:
  • What it’s like living with dad Rick Steves and having travel become a part of your life since childhood.
  • How Andy transitioned to choosing a career in travel.
  • Creating a travel tour business after winning a business contest while in college.
  • Recognizing a need in the market allowed Andy to start his tour business Weekend Student Adventures. 
  • How Andy pushes through even when he is faced with obstacles.
  • Andy saw an opportunity in the travel niche and he took it.
  • Andy changed gears from yacht designer into the travel industry.
  • Why real-world experiences are crucial to success. 
  • What a not so average day looks like for Andy Steves
  • The one thing Andy wished he knew before diving into entrepreneurship is that everything takes twice as long, cost twice as much and cut your earning projections in half.
  • The importance of making your overhead low when you are starting a business.
  • Sites like Fiverr and 99 designs are freelancers and entrepreneurs’ best solutions for affordable contracted work to help your business grow.
  • Why it is important not to go into debt in order to start your business.
  • How Andy deals with setbacks when he encounters them.
  • Being an entrepreneur is figuring out ways to make something work even when you are faced with obstacles.
  • Why being advised to be prepared for everything when packing was the worst advice Andy has ever received. It led him to overpack and carry unnecessary items during his travels.
  • How to stay productive when you are always on the go.
  • The biggest lessons Andy has learned from his dad Rick Steves about traveling.
  • The best marketing strategy that has worked for Andy and his team.
  • How Andy creates income in the travel industry.
  • The importance of diversifying in how you create income.
  • How Andy deals with stress and anxiety when he is faced with them.
  • Andy wants to help people recognize and embrace diversity through travel.
  • Andy nerds out on sailing on boats and learning about history.

Listen to Andy’s extended interview where he shares how to achieve great travel on a budget.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • The perfect place to travel for budget travelers and freelancers.
  • Why Eastern Europe and Latin America is the best place to visit if you are a budget traveler.
  • Why getting paid in pounds or dollars and live in pesos can be a smart way to live on a budget.
  • Removing your preference and expectations when visiting a new place can help you adapt more easily to a new environment.
  • Google Maps, Yelp and Tripadvisor, Kayak, EasyJet, and can help you save money while you are traveling.
  • How much should you save before traveling long term?
  • Where to find local food that’s affordable.
  • How to connect with other travelers while you are abroad.
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