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Ep.47 How to travel and work as a remote copywriter with Rebecca Chant

Have you ever wondered how to travel and work as a remote copywriter?

This week I speak with Rebecca Chant who is a remote copy writer and blogger behind Maybe This Way.

Before becoming a freelancer Rebecca was a dietician. Although she enjoyed her job, she knew she wanted to travel the world.

So, Rebecca quit her job and traveled solo for several years. After her journey ended she decided to come back to her job but soon realized that her career as a dietician wasn’t as fulfilling as she remembered.

The year she spent traveling made her realize that she wanted to continue to travel and be a writer.

Today she is doing just that! She and her husband have taken a leap to travel and work remotely but with a home base in Montreal, Canada.

Rebecca is a very special guest because she was the first listener to reach out and let us know how the podcast has helped her take the next step to be location independent.

Her story and courage to live the life she truly wants to live is so inspiring to me.

So, if the podcast has also helped you take the leap to a life you truly love make sure to send me a message at Who knows, I may feature and interview you as well.

Listen Below:


In this Episode:
  • How The Offbeat Life has inspired Rebecca to transition into a location independent lifestyle.
  • Rebecca went from a listener to the podcast to being a guest.
  • Quitting her job as a dietician and traveling the world.
  • The first steps Rebecca took to become location independent.
  • How did Rebecca move on from her secure day job to become a copywriter and work remote.
  • What an average day looks life for Rebecca traveling abroad and as a freelancer.
  • Why it is OK to sleep in, if you are more productive at night.
  • What obstacles Rebecca faces as a freelancer.
  • Self doubt can be one of the biggest set back you will face once you become a freelancer.
  • How you succeed will depend on your priorities and how important it is in your life and your belief in yourself.
  • How to balance travel while working remotely.
  • Why you should enjoy the moment and not feel guilty when you take a break while you work and travel as a freelancer.
  • The worst advice that Rebecca has ever received has been to stay at her job.
  • The best productivity tip that Rebecca has learned to do is to go outside at least ones a day.
  • How Rebecca creates income as a freelancer.
  • How her blog has given her opportunities to work as an editor and copy writer.
  • Taking the right steps even when stressed and faced with anxiety.
  • Why stress can become motivating when there is fire under you to keep going.
  • Rebecca wants to leave a legacy where she inspires people who stand up for what they believe in.
  • The best lesson Rebecca has learned being a freelancer writer and remote copywriter.

Click here to get the extended interview with Rebecca on How to be a responsible tourist. 


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