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Ep. 160: How to travel the world as a remote real estate investor with Mike Wolf

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In this episode, I speak with Mike Wolf who is a self-made freedom lifestyle entrepreneur, multimillionaire investor, and international speaker. 

He has been investing in real estate for almost 30 years and has been involved in several other entrepreneurial ventures.

Listen on to find out how Mike has been able to create a freedom lifestyle as a remote real estate investor.

Listen Below:


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Transcription :


Hey everyone! Thank you so much for joining us. I’m so excited to be here with Mike. Hey, Mike, how are you? 


I am Great. How are you doing? 


I am wonderful. Before we get to all of your incredible journeys, can you tell us a little bit more about you and why you live an offbeat life?


Where do I start? Let’s see.. I’ve been pretty much traveling the world for the past 5 years full-time. Before that, I was traveling not quite as large-scale prior to the last 10 years. I love the journey, I love not having the monotony that I used to have, and love not setting the alarm. 

So, I do think a little bit differently than most people.


Before you got to where you are right now, what did you use to do as your full-time gig?


I’ve been a real estate investor for, approximately, 30 years now. If we were to backtrack and look at my life 15 years ago, I was a workaholic. I have a daughter who’s 24 now and I remember, when she was growing up, I was so busy running my business and running around and doing all the work.

There are a lot of days where I wasn’t there, I leave home it’ll be dark out, coming home it’ll be dark. And I miss the entire day with her and then it kind of dawned on me. One day I was kind of starting to stress out and burn out, I decided to make a big change. 

Pretty much I had no choice but to start hiring people to deal with some of the things that I didn’t want to deal with anymore ‘cause I really was just too much stress. As time went on. I kind of took that to the opposite extreme and pretty much, delegated everything. And now, I went from workaholic to playaholic. 

I still continue to invest in real estate, but my teams do the work for me. I’ve got quite a few properties, but it’s other people that are collecting the rent and managing the properties and I’m not trading my time for money anymore. 

So now, I teach other people: How do you do that as well? How do you create passive income?

In my travels, I met a lot of digital nomads and a lot of people that are kind of working as they go. I feel very fortunate because even if I don’t work the money keeps coming in and that’s really what I like to help people learn how to do. 


How did you actually create your business to become remote? Because not a lot of people will think about real estate as something that they can do online because people often think when you see a real estate person, they’re always showing houses and, like you said, they’re collecting rent. 

How did you figure out a system for yourself that you were able to take this job that you were so stressed about and now doing it online? And now, you’re in Bali running this remote company which is incredible. 

I’m Canadian and at one point I bought my first property in the United States. So I now have homes in two different countries and, obviously, you couldn’t be at two places at the same time. 

The first person I heard was a property manager in Las Vegas where I used to be at the beginning of my U.S. real estate career and realized that the biggest problem with most entrepreneurs, including myself, is we’re control freak and we don’t think anybody could possibly do what we do as well as we do it. 

Because I had no choice, I had to bring my first person on and I found out that that person actually could do a better job than me. At first, I micromanage them to death, so even though I wasn’t doing the work I was basically babysitting. 

Not that they needed to babysit, it’s just, in my mind, I felt like if  I don’t keep control of things, I’m going to get ripped off or things aren’t gonna go well – that was all in my mind. 

I remember the first time they had to call me ‘cause an appliance broke. I remember I told him, Any time something goes wrong, I need to know about it.” So he called me in and there’s a broken stove, I told them, “Less you would have cost to fix it and if it’s over a certain amount unless you replace it,” and he goes, “Okay.”

And he knew what to do. He had to follow my directions and then he called me about 2 days later with another broken appliance. This time it was a fridge in a different property and as I start to think to myself, “This is kind of silly. Why am I making him call me every time? It’s not like I can stop the appliance from breaking.” And I’m giving him the same response every time, I’m giving the exact same instructions. 

So, that was the beginning of my first system where it’s like, “If an appliance costs a certain amount or something breaks over a certain amount then, check with me. But if it’s under a certain amount just find out how much it cost to fix it or else replace it.”

And I started to get my time back and I realized that now, not only am I not having to babysit him but he’s a lot happier because he has a little bit more autonomy. So, that’s the beginning of it, he was the first team member of my first system. And I realized, “Almost everything that I was doing can be replaced by somebody who would do it better than me anyway. Someone more knowledgeable and I can get my time back, start to have a lot more fun. 

So, I started off very small but as time went on, I scaled that, made it much bigger. And only then, I got my time back and I got my happiness back because, not only was I not doing the work, I wasn’t having to babysit. Now, my teams have people that look after all the other employees and manage everything and very, very few people report to me. 

So in a typical day, I usually work an hour to two and that’s just answering emails and making a couple of phone calls here and there but everything is done by somebody else. I can actually sense that I’m actually getting a hold of the business or I do almost none of the work.

I sell Turnkey investment properties to investors all over the world, but it’s my money that’s working for me as my teams are finding the properties, fixing them, putting the tenants in place, and then selling them. These all happen while I’m doing whatever it is that I want to do.

 So, anybody who says my business is different, I can’t walk away from my business, it’s going to fall apart – I would disagree with that. Because some of the stuff that most people said I would never be able to do, ironically, the less I work the more money. Whenever I jump in, I actually just get in the way and slow everybody down. 

It’s ironic but the less I work, the more money I make.


It’s funny how much that happens when you actually get out of your own way, right? Because there are so many things in your head that really stop you. There’s a lot of fears and especially in the beginning when you kind of wanted to micromanage everybody and you realized, like you said, there’s so many people that are way better than you who could actually do this a lot faster and make your life so much easier.

But it’s so funny, Mike, how I’ve spoken to a lot of really successful entrepreneurs and they all had this at the beginning of like, “Oh my gosh. I’m such a type-A person. I need to control everything. Everything needs to be perfect.” And then, when you finally let go of that control, everything just happens.


Exactly. It’s so common for entrepreneurs. We all tend to start off as solopreneurs and usually, if circumstances don’t force us to make a change, most solopreneurs will stay solopreneurs forever. 

And unfortunately, we get in our own way as you mentioned and we stop ourselves from being able to scale because how many real estates, how many properties could I possibly manage on my own? I would have to be a pretty small-time investor compared to where I am if I was still doing it on my own. And ironically, I’ll be making a lot less money and working a lot harder.

But it takes a bit of a realization, kind of a wake-up call to get to the point where you can put your trust in somebody else. I find most entrepreneurs go through the phases that I went through: solopreneur to micro manager and then, finally the one that gets managed too Eventually, I gave up that control and allowed the other teams and have systems in place. 

They’re the ones who really thrive but it takes a long time. At least, for me, it took a long time to get to that point, but I’m so grateful that I did. 


Well, your industry is really interesting. And I was talking to Mike about this before we actually hit record; is that my fiance and I are closing on our first real estate property and Mike was introduced to me by someone. It was just like, “Oh my gosh! This was meant to be,” because what you’re doing, Mike, is exactly what we want to do and I’m like, “Oh my gosh. The universe is talking.


Absolutely. Put the right people on your path pretty much effortlessly when you’re not even trying. So, I love how that works. 


I know, me too. And you know what it is? I don’t see many people like you and I told you this: out of over a hundred people that I’ve interviewed for this podcast, you’re the first one that I’ve ever encountered who is doing remote real estate business. 

So this is incredible that you’re able to do this and now you’re able to spend time with the people that you love and work a whole lot less. You work 2 hours a day, sometimes less, right?


I work an hour to 2 everyday: quick answering emails. 

So, my turnkey business, some of my investors who buy through me, they’re buying because of their connection to me and they want to talk to me personally. Other people who are buying my properties don’t speak to me. So they go through my other channels, other people in my business.

Those people who do want to talk, they usually get a call from me and I’m typically I’m at a pool or a beach. And so, it’s not really that rough at work. I’m never in an office, put it that way – I don’t don’t even own an office. 


Well, that’s what most of our dreams are – not to be stuck in a cubicle, and you definitely found a way to do that. Let’s go back to, I mean even now right even now as your business is flourishing, what has been the biggest setback that you have encountered and how did you handle it?


I’m trying to think of what I could call a setback. I practice a lot of gratitude and so, to me, the worst things that happen to me are sometimes delayed flights. 

To put things in perspective, if I’m on an airplane sitting on the tarmac and you say, “We have a mechanical problem,” the next person rumbling, “Where are we going to take off? I might just be grateful, “Hey, they found this problem on the ground, not on the air.”

And so, to put things in perspective, I don’t really feel like I have any major setbacks that I can think of. Maybe give me an example ‘cause I’m trying to think of what that would look like for me.


So, maybe during your time with your business. When you were handling a deal and it didn’t work out and you lost something or it was a huge hit for you and you really learned from it.



Well, most of those things happened before I had this lifestyle. It mostly happened when I was a solopreneur, being a one-man show. My biggest setbacks are back in the days when I used to do all the work by myself: trading my time for money, didn’t have time for my daughter, didn’t have time to pay attention to my health. 

I was very, very focused on the money and I got pretty good at making the money but at the same time,  when you’re not paying attention to the other things that are really meaningful, bad things start to happen. 

I had some health scares and things like that. Those are all kinds of in the past since I switched my lifestyle, I feel a whole lot healthier except this crazy cough that I’ve been trying to get over. 

But yeah, I really feel like the lifestyle I have now has given me a lot more balance in life. I travel all the time but I also take time to go visit my daughter and I have two grandsons who I can go fly back to see or I fly them to see me. But yeah, I feel a whole lot better since I switched the lifestyle.

In terms of setbacks, my biggest setbacks have been just really back in the day when I was the workaholic Mike and I was not paying attention to my relationships. And there’s a point where I was actually in a wheelchair ‘cause I had gout. I used to get really bad gout, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that, but that was just from not eating healthy and not paying attention.

That was my wake-up call like, “Hey, it’s time to change your lifestyle and eat healthier and get more of a balance. 


It’s interesting how all of that changed once you actually let go, again, of everything and your energy put in a healthier way and your mentality completely changes. And now, you’re exactly where you want to be in a totally different way, by the way, than what you probably thought you were going to achieve this success. 


This isn’t even on my radar. A lot of people who interviewed me think I had this big master plan: I’m going to get into real estate, I’m going to do A, B, and C, and then, buy a ship to travel the world. That was not even on my radar but it’s funny how sometimes things evolve. And along the way, you make different choices and different options open up to you 

I had to get out of my comfort zone quite a few times along the way to get where I am. Every time you get out of your comfort zone, a whole new world opens up to you. Sometimes I have to pinch myself ‘cause I’m so grateful for, somehow, I managed to get to the place that I’m at. 

But I don’t feel like I have reached some sort of finish line yet. I feel like there’s still a lot more big things to come and I don’t even know what they look like yet. So, this is just part of the journey. 


So, once you actually created a remote team for yourself that’s able to do all the tasks that you didn’t want to do anymore. What do you think has been your secret sauce to making all of this work for you?


I think, few big things. One is being able to give up control and not feel like I need to know every little thing going on in my business. Matter of fact, I like to know very little. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, purposely, I have very few people that report to me, and even those people that report to me, they report to me rarely and on purpose.

There are certain people who I only want to hear from if there’s something major going on. If one of my properties burned to the ground, I kind of like to know that or some sort of catastrophe. But on a day to day, I don’t really need to know: if a tenant late on his rent or fridge is broken –  I just don’t really need to know about that. 

And so, I think the other mindset is you just know that if you have the right people you take good care of them and that’s got to be a two-way street. You want them to take good care of you, you have to take good care of them too. Not treating them as just employees. I think once you kind of get in the flow and also realize that some things will go wrong while I’m not in the day today, but they would have gone wrong even if it was me doing it all by myself things will be going wrong too.

 So, focus on the balance, focus on the lifestyle, be grateful that you got it, and just know that its never going to be a hundred percent perfect. But yeah, I mean, I’m light years away from the workaholic Mike that I used to be. And that was mostly, if not all, mindset shifts.

Building teams is one thing but if you don’t have the right mindset, like I said, you could be a micromanager and still have no life. So it’s really a lot of mindsets, a lot of faith in the people on your teams, And I think now, it’s just a matter of you can balance.

Once you get that you don’t really worry about all the other stuff. 


So, how did you actually create this remote team that you have? Especially when you’re out in Bali and you want to make sure you trust the people that are handling everything for you. How did you create that system to actually make sure that everything is running smoothly?


First of all, let me explain. I have a few different things in my business. One is I have a bunch of properties and I live off the cash from those properties. And so, finding property managers is relatively easy, there are property managers in every city. So that part wasn’t really that difficult. The more difficult thing was building my turnkey real estate business. 

To give me an idea; right now, I’m in Bali,  I’ve got people in Atlanta, Georgia that are finding properties for me. Once they found the properties they had them off to our inspectors who go to peek at, make a list of all the things that need to be fixed. They hand that off to our contractors who are going to fix everything. And then, they hand it off to property managers who are going to find tenants for these properties.

Then, we have salespeople literally around the planet selling these properties for me and all this is happening while I’m here. A lot of people say, ”How did you get all these people that you can trust?” 

There’s a lot of moving parts to it, but the really good news for anybody who’s thinking, “Oh! I can’t ever do that because how am I going to find all these people for all the moving parts?”,. the good thing is A players hang out with other A players. So, you find a one really strong person on your team chances are you’re not going to find a property manager who hangs out with really poor contractors for example.

What you’re going to find is good people who are connected to other good people. Quite often, you just need to build a little bit of the team and people start bringing in their friends who are also A players. When you allow some of the people that you trust to do the hiring, firing, giving them autonomy to make decisions for you, lots of magic happens. 

Lots of it evolved on its own. It wasn’t me handpicking every single person. Lots of people in my team have never met me, I’ve never met them but they are connected to other people that do know me very well. And so, I find that just when you start to take action and move forward on something, somebody takes out a life of its own. You look back later and say, “Man, I’m really lucky that I got this great team.” 

But it all started just by finding one really good person who is connected to another good person who is connected to another good person, it just kind of took shape on its own. Way back in the old ways, it wasn’t like that – I needed to know every single person personally. 

Once again, I think a lot of it comes down to having faith that I always think that the Universe puts the right people, right opportunities on your path when you’re doing the right things. And that’s just kind of how it took shape. So it wasn’t me painstakingly looking for people, to be honest with you, I’m happy to say. It was a lot easier than it sounds.


I love the way you think, Mike, and I think you’re right. The Universe really gives you the right people at the right time when you are open to it. And I think when you’re mentally not there, you’re emotionally not there, then, the universe is not going to give that to you. 

And I think once you decide that you’re ready for it just happens all of a sudden. And I love the fact that you give freedom to the people that you work with. And I think it also gives them a lot of confidence in you and in themselves to make your business a whole lot bigger and that’s so important. 

And that’s a great tip to give all of us whether you’re doing real estate or any type of business actually and you’re wanting to scale it. 


And another thing is if you feel like you need to micromanage somebody then, you got the wrong person in your team. My first property manager who I used to call every time there is an appliance broken -that was just me being insecure.

It’s ironic because, like I mentioned, I was doing real estate on 2 different countries when I first met him and he was collecting a lot more rent on my properties in Vegas than I ever collected on my homes in Canada because I’m kind of a bit of a softie and our tenants would say, “Hey Mike, I get paid on Friday. Can you hold off a few days?” and I say, “No problem. Whenever Friday’s fine.” Then Friday would come they’d say, “Oh!l My car is broken. Can you wait three or four more days?” And I’ll say, “Okay. Whatever.”

The next thing you know they’re a month behind or two months behind. My property manager who I hired, he treated it like a business. He only got paid when he collected rent and so, we would play a good cop, bad cop where he’s the one who deals with the tenants. The tenants didn’t know who I was, they never met me. 

So he’d say, “You know what? If it was up to me I’d let it slide but the owner is a grumpy old man. If I don’t collect rent he’s going to fire me. So, if you can pay me tomorrow, I won’t tell him that you were late. But if you can’t, then, unfortunately, I got to give you an eviction notice.”

And him, treating it like a business, he collected way more rent than I ever did. Not only that, but he also didn’t take any of my time. So, it’s such a no-brainer to allow people that are professionals who treat things like a business to step. You put yourself in there and you try to be nice to people, usually backfires on you.

 The ironic thing is that I had trust issues and I thought I would never get nearly as much rent and I didn’t want to pay the fees. I made way more money doing no work than trying to do it myself. I kept on getting this lesson handed to me over and over. It just took a little while before I would let it sink in. 

But yeah, that’s a big lesson to anybody who is in that predicament where they feel like they can’t give up the reins – just try it. Try it on a small scale and you might be pretty shocked to see what the results are.


You’d be pretty shocked at how confident most people are more than you a lot of times. 


Absolutely. I don’t think I was put on this planet to be a property manager, it wasn’t my skill set. I just took on the role ‘cause it was necessary for my business. The other things that I did. I didn’t negotiate on properties because I’m the world’s best negotiator. It’s just something that needs to be done. I was just Mike of all trades that’s why I had no life. I was making good money, but I was working 15-hour days and was pretty miserable.

A lot of times, especially entrepreneurs, we build this machine, this big monster for ourselves and it gets quickly out of control. Unless you have other people, this dream of yours might turn into a nightmare.


I think it’s really important to build a team around you. And all of the things that you’re saying to me, Mike, just solidifies everything that we want to get into. And also see in real life that this can happen, it’s a dream that can become reality. So thank you so much for that. I really appreciate all of this. 


Well, It’s my pleasure too. It’s almost like it’s my duty to show people this. I have a lot of friends who are very, very wealthy financially, but they really are not enjoying their lives, they’re stressed and it that doesn’t need to be that way. There is freedom out there but a lot of it is in your mindset whether you’re going to get better or not. 


And also make sure you, guys, listen to our extended interview because Mike is going to get deeper into how all of us can actually start this or begin this process of doing passive income with real estate and how you can travel the world with doing this too. 

Because I feel like when people here real estate they automatically think, “Oh my God, that’s impossible. When I’m really old and I have all of this money saved up. And that’s really impossible for me right now, especially when I’m young.” And Mike can tell us all of the tips that he has for us to get started on this amazing journey that he has for himself.

Now, Mike, let’s fast-forward to 30 years from now and you’re looking back at your life. What legacy would you like to leave? And what do you want to be remembered for? 


Since I took on this lifestyle, a lot of things have changed. As I’ve mentioned, what’s important is balance. I got two grandsons and I do get to spend lots of time with them. So, I’m in a  much better position than when my daughter was young, luckily. 

So that’s really important, I’m just creating a lot of memories with my grandsons and filling up their passports. Flying them in a good way, showing them the planet, showing them that we live on an amazing planet filled with amazing people. So that’s really important to me.

Number two is I do a lot of volunteer work, humanitarian projects. So that stuff is important to me. My balance is really three things: family time, giving back time, and me-time where I go and hang out in places like Bali and recharge the battery so that I have more presence when I’m doing those other first two things 

And so, for me, it’s really going around and making a difference on the planet for my family and for the people I get to meet. Also, I want to help as many people as possible get more freedom in their lives. I don’t think we were put on this planet to be worker bees. I think we have a much bigger purpose than that. 

And I want to really share that with, especially, people are in the same position that I used to be: being a workaholic, have no balance, and not really knowing how to escape from that


I think, too, that a lot of people think that when you are trying to make money or you have money, you’re absolutely greedy. And you just proved to us that you could use your money to help so many more people. 




You can do so much more when you have more than when you have nothing because that’s all you’re focusing on; is that you have to get more because you have nothing.


Absolutely. That’s a mindset shift too because a lot of people are brought up that way. That money is bad and money is evil. To me, money is a lot like oxygen and I never really think. I hope Debbie is not breathing too much right now because there’s more than enough oxygen for me. You never think that because it’s so abundant. It’s the most important thing we got, it is so abundant

Well, I think money is equally important because you can’t get very far without it. And when you have enough of it, especially if it’s coming in passively,  we are not even thinking about it. It’s just coming in and it flows. It comes to you and then it allows you to help more people and get back on a bigger scale. 

Anybody who says, “I don’t want to make money,” to me, they might as well be saying, “No, I don’t want to breathe oxygen.” It just doesn’t make any sense. So I say, make lots of it. If you don’t like it, once you get it, give lots of it away, help lots of people. That’s the key to fulfillment; helping as many people as you can.

When I was younger, like I said, I was focused only on the money and making more of it. Working more hours to get more money. And as time went on, the money really became irrelevant and I found money super easy. I don’t think about it and it allows me to be very free with it not just for my lifestyle but also for helping other people.

One of the things when you travel as much as I do, especially if you’re doing give-back projects, I can tell you that when you go to places where they can’t just turn a knob and get clean drinking water, you start to really appreciate what you have and how much money does make a difference. 

So, anybody says their oppose to money, I can take them to certain parts of the world and they will either come back with changed mindset or that’s all it needs to happen: they’re going to come back with a whole new set of gratitude towards not only the life that they got but also what money can do and how you can help others. 

So I say: make lots of money, to give lots of it away. And to me, that’s the ultimate fulfillment 


Absolutely. I completely agree with that because if you’re traveling around and you see all of this happening in front of you, there’s only so much you can do as one person, right? But if you have the money to do it, you can get more people to come and help and you can do so much for that community.

And I think you’re right. There is this mindset that we were given when we were really young that it is evil, but you can do so much good with it if you actually have this abundance mindset that you learn to do. ‘Cause it’s interesting how we learn to do this as we grow older and it wasn’t really ingrained in us unless you have these incredible parents that really instilled that in you from the beginning. 


Exactly. Most of us don’t have parents to tell us that. I mean my parents certainly didn’t but yeah, the biggest challenge is a lot of people actually, in my opinion, repel money because of their mindset. And anybody who says that they totally don’t care about money is like, “Okay. Well, go tell your boss tomorrow that you’re willing to work for free from now on.”

I don’t think that people who say that actually mean that. People that say that make them feel better and it helps their ego. Maybe they haven’t managed to create the wealth that they want. Nothing against that but if you keep saying that, you’re going to get exactly what you put out there in the Universe.

If you’re saying it, you don’t really mean it, you really would like to have money then, you got to stop saying, not faking. You got to start looking at money as something that just flows through you. If you blocked it from going through you, then you can’t pass it on.

 It’s just a form of energy. That’s all it is.


Absolutely. And we need to stop thinking about it as something negative and turn it into a complete positive. Like everything that you’re saying right now, Mike, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, that is so true, that is so true.” Like once you stop thinking that, once you totally switch your mindset it just comes.

And sometimes it just comes to you without you even knowing it because your mentality is open to it. And, you’re right, you’re not blocking it anymore.


Yeah. It’s actually very easy to attract and a lot of people would have a lot more of it if they had switched their thoughts around a little bit. Once again, nobody’s forcing you to keep it. I don’t know anybody who’s got lots of it that hates it. I’ve never met one of those people yet.

I know a lot of people who don’t have it that claim to hate it and that’s why they don’t have it. But I know a lot of people that have lots of it and give lots of it away and make some feel really good and they keep attracting more. 

The more they give, the more they get. And it’s just amazing trading of energy where, once again, you don’t even think about it anymore and money is a non-issue. And life becomes a lot more interesting when that starts to happen, when you get in that type of flow. Then, you have some much better options when you don’t have money.

Naturally, I have that option to give away than not – putting it that way.


Yeah. That’s a good problem to have.

Now, what are you currently working on that is really exciting to you?


Well, for me, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been pretty much traveling the world full time for pretty much five years. It’s kind of interesting ‘cause I post a lot of stuff on social media and I get a whole wide variety of responses. Most people are saying, “I live vicariously through you,” “That’s on my bucket list.”I also get people saying, “What? You’re going to Colombia? Isn’t it dangerous there?” 

And ironically my dad, who’s from New York City, the first time I went to Colombia he goes, “Why are you going to Colombia? It’s so dangerous.” “You’ve been there?,” he goes, “No,” I’m like, “How did you know it’s dangerous?” He started to recite a news story from like the 1970s.

And I’m sure there are parts of Colombia and like everywhere else on this planet that is dangerous. But in any case, I’ve been there like three or four times now, people are super friendly. And in any case, I have to remind my dad that the biggest terrorist attack in history happened in New York City and he never tells me, “Don’t go to New York.”

So, I’m filming a show. Since my last name is Wolfe, it’s called Worldwide Wolfe and it’s just my adventures, showing off what a beautiful planet we live on, showing my favorite places and just the magic that happens, and also just interviewing people that are doing really positive things. Because there are so many people that their perception of the planet is so skewed by what they see on mainstream media that they’re afraid to go anywhere.

And that drives me crazy ‘cause I’ve been to probably around 75 countries now and never had a major scare, never never been injured, nothing happened to me that wouldn’t have happened had I stayed at home. And so, I want to show people what an amazing place we live on this planet and how many people are making a difference and doing great things.

That’s kind of one of my give-back projects. I just want to get more people exploring and being less afraid of other people ‘cause of different color skin and different customs. And just featuring the magic that happens when you get away from your television and start exploring and going on a bit of a journey. 

Everything will shift: your whole mindset shifts, how you view the planet shifts, and how you treat other people shifts. I want to share that. That’s my big thing that I’m just starting as we speak. 


That is really exciting Mike. I’m so excited to learn more about that and make sure you share that with us once it’s out because that’s really really interesting. And I actually had a previous interview and we talked about the same thing that you just talked about; most people are so fearful to live outside of their bubble that they don’t realize that it’s better to experience it in your own eyes. Because there are so many things that are so untrue and what the media is portraying that you’re missing out on so many amazing things around the world.


So much of what you see is politically-based. The government and the media, want you to see certain cultures as being dangerous or we need to build walls. I’m not going to be political here – but!

Anyway, I think we should be tearing down walls and removing borders. I love the freedom I have, being able to go to all these different countries, real people not the BS you see on TV. And I just want to show people that it’s safe to get out there.

I think the most dangerous place to be is in front of your TV set. So, I don’t spend any time there and I don’t think people should. Other than watching Worldwide Wolfe, you should ditch that.


Except for Mike’s show, that’s for sure.


And Debbie’s show too.


Yes. Listen to me and watch Mike.


There you go. Exactly. The interesting thing is that my show – I’m self sponsoring it. So it’s going to be just my opinion, just totally no objective, nobody can buy what we show. It’s objective is just kind of a glimpse into what I see everyday.


Mike, if our listeners want to know more about your show that’s coming up and how they can reach you, where should they go?


At this point, it is still pretty early so we don’t have the website up yet, we’re just starting. You can email me at


That is the best last name ever.


Thank you. I don’t have much say in it but we’ve done pretty well.


Thank you so much, Mike, for being here. I really appreciate all of the knowledge that you gave us. 


Thank you for having me, it’s been my pleasure.

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