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My Offbeat Journey: The Importance of Rest and Delegation

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In this episode, I share strategies to take on how to make a decision when fear is holding you back.



Welcome to another episode of My Offbeat Journey. In this month’s episode, we will be talking about the importance of rest and delegation. The two things that I have come to appreciate this year especially.
For so many years, I have placed such a huge weight on my shoulder of always being on the go, of always hustling and the idea of resting and taking time off has been so foreign to me.
But this year, it has forced me to do it, otherwise, I would just go insane. With everything that’s happening and with the changes I have been making with my business, there have been times that I just needed the time to rest.
In the beginning, there was definite guilt but after a while I became comfortable. Sometimes, maybe too comfortable and did too many hours watching Netflix this year!
Its interesting how I am more aware of the hustle when I am in New York and the United States in general.
I remember going back to the Philippines a few years ago,  and being reintroduced to siesta. Everyone took a break at noon every day and took a nap.
I couldn’t understand this concept because I had so much energy to burn, I tried to make everyone around me “do something” because I was bored or just felt useless when I didn’t do anything.
I mean come on, a nap in the middle of the day!
But as the weeks went on, I began to embrace the concept of siesta and realized how much my body needed and appreciated it.
So this year, I began to appreciate rest and how my body was absolutely craving it.
Thank goodness I already had systems in place and had a team behind me who were able to do the tasks that needed to get done to run my business, without me being there.
So rest and delegation have been extremely crucial for me this year.
Now, if you are thinking about delegating there will most likely be some fears. ( I know because I had them too)
A few that I often hear about are:
Fear that the tasks will not be perfect enough.
Fear of failing and letting your clients down.
Fear of not knowing how to train and find the right help.
Although these are valid points, they are all solvable.
No one will do the tasks exactly like you, but they can come very close or even do a better job.
Accept that there will be mistakes when you first start and you can not always please everyone,  and only get better by learning.
Training gets better over time and you will find the best techniques for you and your team.
What’s worse than all of these fears is burning out and be a slave to your business that won’t allow you to enjoy your life!
Because of the power of delegation, I was also able to offer service-based businesses that have allowed me to create a new revenue stream for my business without burnout because my team is doing 60-70% of the work!
When I first offered these new services, I was able to land almost 5 figures within 2.5 weeks! So if you think service-based business cant be scaled… I disagree. It can be if you have a whole team behind you.
So yes, this year has been a challenge but it has also made me better. And allowed me to reevaluate my business model to make it stronger!
Now let me ask you this? Are you ready to start delegating the work and earn more income?
If you answered yes and need help with the process or want to hire someone to help you. My team and I can help!
Whether to coach you with the process and providing you with the services you need, we can do it.
Send me a message at and let me know how we can help!
Thank you everything for listening and I hope I can help you transition and create more freedom through the art of delegation.
Until next time!

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