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Ep. 259: How to Start Trying Remote Work with Debbie Arcangeles

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In this episode, I share a HUGE announcement and give you an update on The Offbeat Life Podcast!

I am so grateful for all of you who have been listening for the last 4 years and for those of you who are new listeners.

Listen on to find out our new announcement!


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Listen Below:


For the last 4.5 years, I have provided you with a ton of content on The Offbeat Life site and podcast, sharing resources as well as stories from experts and expats about how to get started working remotely.
But, there are still many of you beginners, who are confused and dare I say, a little scared  😱 to get started working online.
I know how it feels to dread going into the unknown.
But I also know what it is like to reach a new goal and milestone when I took a risk on myself and left my comfort zone.
If this is how you’re feeling right now…
I’m here to help you out!
I have decided to start a new video series starting April 5th, called “Trying Remote”, where I try a new remote job or gig every month, to show you how to get started and if they are worth investing your time in.
If the fear of the unknown has been stopping you, then I will give you a glimpse of what these different work from anywhere jobs are like, and who knows, maybe you’ll see its the perfect gig for you too!
SO if you’re ready to leave your comfort zone, come join me in taking your first step into Location Independence!
Here is the link to our YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to find out when our new episodes are up!

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