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Ep.2: How to stay authentic as a content creator with Sara Melotti

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stay authentic as a content creator


Sara Melotti was a dancer for most of her life, until a back injury ended her career. She went on to a new career as a fashion photographer within 6 months from her first click of the camera. After working as a fashion photographer for 3 years, Sara realized that her work was hurting women by creating unrealistic beauty standards that they can not live up to.

This led her to a new purpose and passion project Quest for Beauty. Sara has started traveling around the world to find out what beauty really means today. Her new project has led her to visit remote areas and discover difficult situations that many women face in today’s society.

Recently, Sara has been highly publicized after creating an article ” Instagram created a monster” exposing the many tricks that Instagrammers are using in order to gain following and likes.

She has been featured in the New York Times, Daily Mail, Italian Vanity FairThe Huffington Post and so much more! Today, Sara is traveling the world working with NGO’s, photographing all over the world to share compelling images of the people she meets during her assignments.

In this episode Sara talks about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone in order to succeed and how to stay authentic as a content creator.

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stay authentic as a content creator

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