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My Offbeat Journey: Stop living up to other peoples expectations and start living the right lifestyle for YOU!

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In this episode, I discuss how to listen to our own needs and wants in order to start living the life that we truly want.

We can easily be led into a lifestyle that is not our true purpose. SO, learn how to empty your mind from other people’s expectations and truly ask yourself what is best for you.

Once you find your reason and purpose, start working towards it every single day!


Whether it is with business or lifestyle, we are often sold the idea that we have to live and work a certain way.
Well, today I am here to tell you to stop living in the shadows of other people’s dreams and start living your own.
I have recently realized I have been doing this myself, and everything I am working on really understanding myself and how I can live for myself.
Before, my rebellion was with my parents. They wanted me to have stability, a 9-5 and I decided to do the opposite.
And now, I feel like it is people within my industry, the gurus, and the people we think are successful.
It made us think and feel that I had to be in the same level, to have that same level of success, the same level of lifestyle and work ethic.
And instead of becoming more determined, I actually became unmotivated and it made me feel even worse about myself.
So, I started talking to my friend who was ironically on the same page and we just let everything out.
And we started asking questions like…
Why am I being led into a business model that I never even wanted…
Why am I being pushed to make a certain amount of money that I don’t even want?
Why am I being sold on owning a jet, when all I want is to have the freedom to spend time with the people I love?
Why am I living someone else’s life?
So today, I am asking you to do the same for yourself.
Think about what YOU really want. And decide how you want to achieve it.
Decide how you want to make money that will make you happy.
Because I can tell you first hand, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you’re miserable doing it.
I also had an epiphany that I wanted to share with you too… which now seems so obvious…
But, I left a stable job. A job that I didn’t hate. A job that seemed like the American Dream…
But I left, because the way I made my money, I did not enjoy it.
And I found myself doing the same thing with my business.
I was making money doing something that did not give me joy.
It made me uninspired again…
And it made me stop in my tracks.
I did not leave a 9-5 to feel the same way again.
So, I’m here to tell you from experience.
Make money the way you want.
Not from other people’s expectations.
Live the life you want.
Not the lifestyle that other people are pushing.
Believe me, it’ll be a better life to live.
Are you with me? Tell me your thoughts about this, send me a DM on Instagram at or send me an email at
Let me know your experiences and thoughts about it. And also let me know if you want me to do more frequent My Offbeat Journey episodes.
I would love to get your opinion if you want to hear more from me, or if you think 1x a month is enough.
Until next time.

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