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Ep. 14 How to become a Savvy Travel Food Writer with Tarajia Morrell

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How to become a Savvy Travel Food Writer with Tarajia Morrell


On this week’s episode of The Offbeat Life, I talk to Tarajia Morrell who is a travel food writer.

Growing up, Tarajia was surrounded by the most amazing food and a dad who was a wine connoisseur. Her career path to becoming a food writer seems inevitable.

However, it wasn’t until her 30’s when she finally realized that being a travel food writer was her purpose.

Tarajia discusses how she is able to create a location independent lifestyle as a travel food writer, her struggles as an actor, how to deal with personal loss, and finally believing that she deserves personal success by following her passion as a travel food writer.

Today she is a consultant and freelance travel food writer for The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Refinery29, Conde Nast Traveler, Food and Winer Magazine as well as partner of the incredible restaurant Mettā in New York.

Check out Tarajia’s 5 tips to become a successful Travel Food Writer.

Listen Below:

In this Episode
  • The importance of changing your atmosphere in order to change your perspective.
  • What the first steps Tarajia took in order to achieve her goals as a travel food writer.
  • Why it is important to be open to new opportunities.
  • What are the challenges to making a living as a freelance food writer.
  • How learning a variety of skills has helped Tarajia become a better writer.
  • The feeling of imposter syndrome.
  • Why you should pursue your passion even when no one is watching.
  • Why it is important to create projects that will enrich you instead of pay you.
  • The ongoing setback of self doubt and questioning your abilities.
  • The importance of creating multiple source of income when you are a freelancer writer.
  • How feeling giddy like a child for a project means you have found your passion.
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