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Ep. 85 How to be a travelling storyteller with Jerrod Sumner

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Have you ever wondered how to be a traveling storyteller? 

This week I speak with Jerrod Sumner who is a traveling storyteller and the owner of

I was fortunate enough to meet Jerrod during my time in Roseville Minnesota, with the tourism board and was impressed by his storytelling skills and personality.

Jerrod is a proud resident of Minnesota and the creative director of Rose and Loon, a makers collective that provide space for creatives to showcase their work.

Jerrod travels around the great plains and great lakes to find the most incredible creators to showcase in Rose and Loon.

Listen on to find out how great storytelling can elevate your brand. 

travelling storyteller

Listen Below:


In this Episode:

Why is Rose and Loon such a special place?

  • Rose and Loon is a makers collective that consists of 44 makers from the great plains to the great lakes.
  • Rose and Loon is a retail space full of storytelling, every item has a story.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

  • It is an honor to meet the makers,  to hear their stories, and to also tell the stories of the makers that he has encountered.

Has there been a creator that really stood out to you?

  • It’s a mix because Jerrod believes everyone has used and unused creativity.
  • What really excites Jerrod is when people rediscover their creativity later in life.
  • Not only is the work incredible but the story behind each work just elevates the beauty.

How did you transition from theater to becoming a creative director?

  • Jerrod realized that being an actor was not the right path he wanted to go in, and decided to go in a different direction.
  • He believes that he can make a difference and reach more people as a creative director and through his current work.

What has been the most interesting activity that you’ve done as a creative director?

  • Going bug hunting with a soap maker.
  • It taught Jerrod to be more open to new things even when it is out of his comfort zone.

What has been the biggest setback you have faced and how do you handle them?

  • It’s all about what you see as setbacks and how you handle them.
  • 10 years ago, Jerrod’s husband Michael’s mom became sick with cancer and they had to navigate their lives through this circumstance.
  • This setback allowed Jerrod to become creative and find new ways to create income from his passions.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • He wants to create a book about the legacy brands that he has been able to help.
  • Jerrod wants to be able to give people the tools to tell their stories.
  • He wants to be remembered through the makers he has worked with.

What do you nerd out on?

  • Jerrod nerds out on music,  musicals, and relaxing baths.

To find out more about Rose and Loon and how you can visit Roseville Minnesota, you can go to for more information.


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