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Ep. 32 How your “useless” hobbies can help shape your future with Ariel Viera

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"useless" hobbies can help

How your “useless” hobbies can help shape your future with Ariel Viera

Have you ever wondered how your “useless” hobbies can help shape your future?

This week, I talked to Ariel Viera who is the creator of Urbanist, which is a Facebook 360 video live guide of cities around the world.

Before becoming the host of Urbanist, Ariel was a community builder and content creator for Gawker Media, Vox Media, Foursquare, and Museum Hack.

After realizing his true passion for live streaming, Ariel set out on his own to combine his three passions – filmmaking, urban exploration,  and history— in order to provide the most unique experiences found on live video right now.

Since starting the Urbanist, Ariel has acquired over 30 thousand followers and over 3.5 million views in one year.

In this episode, Ariel shares how your “useless” hobbies can help shape your future and how to deal with the discomfort of selling your brand.

Listen Below:

In this Episode:
  • How Ariel transitioned from electrical engineering to become a  professional Facebook live streamer.
  • What an average day looks like for a live streamer.
  • How to get an audience before you create your content.
  • Why being out of your comfort zone can allow you to become a better content creator.
  • Why you should not be realistic.
  • How you can provide value by just doing what you love.
  • How to be productive and not just look productive.
  • How to balance doing what you love and making money.
  • How to create income as a live streamer when you are first starting out.
  • Why experimenting is crucial to finding your passions.
  • Why every skill you learn from your interests and hobbies can play a big role in your future.
  • How your “useless” hobbies can help shape your future.
  • Why it is important to look to the future to realize what you want to accomplish today.
  • Why it is important to set higher goals.
  • Ariel nerding out on film theory.
  • How Ariel creates an inviting atmosphere as a Facebook live streamer.
  • What ad Ariel would create for a one-minute ad slot on the super bowl.
  • How a chance meeting during Ariel’s travels has given him the opportunity to learn about monetizing his content.
  • The constant struggle to monetizing your passion.
  • Dealing with the discomfort of selling your brand and content.
  • The fear of pitching and why you should not be afraid of “no”
  • Celebrating the “yes” in order to appreciate the “no”
  • The importance of finding your audience in order to deliver the best content to the right people.

Listen to Ariel’s extended interview where she shares how to tart Facebook Live Streaming.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to be creative with live streaming.
  • How to interact with your audience and the biggest mistakes live streamers are doing today.
  • How to get an audience before you start live streaming.
  • How to leverage Facebook groups and pages to get an audience.
  • How to connect with other creatives in your industry.
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"useless" hobbies can help

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