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Ep. 92 How to travel the world as a full time vanlifer with David and Nadia

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Have you ever wondered how to become a full-time vanlifer?

This week I am so excited to speak with David and Nadia who are remote vanlifers and also run a blog called  where they show how easy it is to say yes to a life full of adventure.

David and Nadia decided to work remotely when they realized that they can take their work as designers and writers on the road.

They took the leap to create a home in a vintage VW bus and have been able to work anywhere in the world.

Listen on to find out how to travel the world as a full-time vanlifer!



Listen Below:

In this Episode:

How did you decide to work remotely?

  • David started a design company when he was 19 years old.
  • He realized after 4-5 years of having his business that he did not have to be stationed in a specific location to do his work.
  • David decided to work remotely and become a digital nomad.
  • Nadia has also been able to take her work on the road since she also worked in the tech industry.

What does your average day look like as a vanlifer?

  • Every day is entirely different.
  • They choose different times of the day to explore and work, depending on their mood and preference.

How can someone without any experience start living a vanlifer lifestyle?

  • The hardest part of their lifestyle is the remote work because of unreliable internet.
  • Try remote work in a traditional sense first, because Van life is harder.
  • Remember, if you let down your clients you will not have any clients.
  • Instead of fully investing in a Van, rent a camper and go on a month’s long trip to see if this is the right lifestyle for you.
  • It is not a lifestyle for everyone but for the right people it can give you a huge amount of freedom.
  • Travel becomes much more affordable and the financial freedom it brings is also a bonus.

How do you stay productive with work when you are constantly traveling around and when wifi is limited?

  • They carry a mifi box in the van, but if there is no internet they drive to a location where they can access the internet.

What is the one thing you knew before you started becoming a freelancer?

  • How easy it is to take on remote work and jobs.
  • Being a freelancer is much more fulfilling because you get to be your own boss.

What has been the best and most surprising experience throughout your journey?

  • How much they love and enjoy their lifestyle and van life.


What has been the biggest setback that you have both encountered?

  • One of the biggest setbacks they encountered was having their van break down which cost them a lot of time and money.
  • From all the setback, they learned a lot of skills such as carpentry and being a mechanic.

What has been the worst advice that you have ever received?

  • The worst advice that David received was to go to a university.
  • He went for a week and moved on to start his own company.
  • For Nadia, it was getting advice from the older members of her family stating that David would not be able to live in such a small space together for a long period of time.
  • The importance of experiencing life in order to understand what you want.

How were you able to create income?

  • David has been able to create income as a designer and entrepreneur.
  • Nadia is a writer and has a specific niche that allows her to create a steady income from her expertise.
  • If you want to become a freelancer, you have to realize that you will not always do everything you want and everything you do is your dream job from the start.

What legacy would you like to leave and what do you want to be remembered for?

  • David wants to be remembered as someone who said yes to opportunities given to them.
  • Nadia wants to be remembered as someone who was “weird” and someone who did something that made people smile.

What do you nerd out on?

  • David nerds out on engines and Nadia nerds out on horses and tiny houses.

What has been the most interesting encounter with a person you have ever experienced?

  • David meeting Nadia during his travel has been the most life-changing meeting.

Is there any question you wished people asked you more?

  • David wishes people would ask them what they would like to do rather than what they have done.

Listen to David and Nadia’s extended interview where they share how to become a remote freelancer.

Listen Below:

In this episode:

For someone who does not have a job that can not be turned into remote work, how can they become a remote freelancer?

  • Find something that you enjoy doing.
  • Make sure that this is the right step for you and you can work efficiently as a remote worker.

How do you communicate well with your clients as a remote freelancer?

  • You can use different tools that will help aid you in communication.
  • The main thing is to have communication with your client and let them know what you’re working on, when it is going to be delivered, and if there are any delays.

Do you disclose to your clients that you are nomadic?

  • Be upfront with your clients, and let them know what requirements you have while you are working remotely.
  • It will be up to them to either accept or decline the terms.
  • The most important thing is to prove that you can get the work done and to show that they come first.

What’s the best way to find remote work if you don’t have experience?

  • For designers, you can go to to find work.

What skills do you need to have in order to be a successful remote worker?

  • Time management is a crucial skill to have as a remote worker.
  • Under promise, overachieve.


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