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Ep. 61 My Offbeat Journey: Work less and Live more.

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Welcome to My Offbeat Journey, where I share how letting go of fear will give you more abundance.


The last few weeks has been pretty traumatic, first because of loosing a very important relationship and second due to an event that was probably the scariest in my life.

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I attended the Global Citizen concert in Central Park, where I along with 18 other influencers were supposed to highlight the incredible work they have been doing around the world.

What was supposed to be a celebration of the goodness in the world, turned out to be one of the scariest night in my life.

I, along with thousands of others experienced what a mass shooting would have felt life. All I can remember is watching the speakers on the screen monitors – then all of a sudden they were taken off of the stage.

Then thousands of people came running towards us and I was fortunate enough to be around others who helped to keep me calm, and not panic.

There were people running, jumping over others, crying, and in complete panic.

I don’t know how, but I felt eerily calm throughout the entire ordeal, and it was only after we felt safe and when the adrenaline was gone that I felt a shift.

A shift of mindset, a shift of what my purpose was, and questioning the actions I have been taking.

Living in New York City, it becomes a badge of honor to say “I’ve been working a lot” or “I’ve been so busy.”

It means that I am doing something with my life, I am important because I am working so much.

I’ve decided that this is not what I want to be about anymore. I want to work less and live more.

I want my answer to be- having fun, trying new things, enjoying time with friends and family.

Although I am given all of these obstacles and am facing huge transitions in my life. I am grateful for the lessons I have been learning.

It is allowing me to grow so much faster, and am given this new perspective on life that I never knew before.

The next few months I have decided to work on creating a system for my business that will allow me to be able to work less and live more.

I will be training my assistants to handle more of the business and only focus on tasks that give real value to my work.

The last few weeks I have been trying to find more hobbies such as kickboxing and trying to stay with rock climbing. I am not a huge fan of indoor climbing, so I am trying out outdoor climbing since I am not a big fan of gyms.

I will keep you posted if I finally find a happy medium climbing- stay tuned for that!

These events have also given me the push to not only evaluate my life but to also become a better person. To evaluate my behaviors and mindset.

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