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Ep. 41 How to zero in on your goals as a mompreneur with Elena Ollick

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How to zero in on your goals as a mompreneur with Elena Ollick.

Have you ever wondered how to zero in on your goals as a mompreneur with Elena Ollick.

This week I speak with Elena Ollick who is the founder and managing editor of Daily Mom.  An online magazine that helps moms navigate through every aspect of motherhood.

Elena was born in Russia and at a young age saw the gap between the classes. After witnessing the different lifestyles, and the benefits of entrepreneurship,  Elena decided to always become her own boss.

Elena moved to the United States and has become a serial entrepreneur, since the age of 16. From owning her own insurance company, traveling the world as a content creator to running an online magazine, Elena has done it all!

Today Elena is living in Florida with her daughter Lexi, where she continues to run and her personal blog

In this episode, Elena shares how to zero in on your goals as a mompreneur and how to encourage children’s confidence.

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In this Episode:
  • How to navigate work and motherhood. 
  • Elena started a business as a new mom by away taking the non-essentials in her life. 
  • How to zero in on your goals as a mompreneur. 
  • The desire to do more keeps Elena motivated.
  • How passion and delegation allowed Elena to grow as an entrepreneur. 
  • What an average day looks like for a mompreneur.
  • Why a 9-5 mindset is not an option.
  • The biggest setback for Elena is losing 7 years of content on the Dailymom website and how she recovered.
  • The best way to be more productive – reading “Manage your life, manage your time”, use wunderlist app, focus app, prioritizing the most important tasks. 
  • The importance of having little to no overhead to start a business.
  • Why you should not quit your day job until you are making income from your business.
  • Why you should invest your time instead of money in the beginning of your business.
  • Find what you are passionate about instead of copying what others are doing.
  • Why you should not stress yourself out with circumstances you can not change.
  • Why you should not fear failure so you can succeed. 
  • Make your passion your full-time job.
  • We have to remember what is important at the end of the day.
  • Why we should involve children in everything we do in order for them to learn and to follow their own passions.
  • You can overcome any obstacles if you have the drive and the support.
  • The most unusual job Elena had was in Russia as a tutor, which allowed her to learn that she wanted to be a business owner.
  • Elena is the new speaker for Next year’s Vaera Journeys.

Listen to Elena’s extended interview where she shares how to find your brand and voice as a blogger.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How to find your voice as a blogger as a beginner. 
  • How to find your expertise, in order to provide valuable tips.
  • The importance of being natural instead of being forced.
  • How to become a better photographer.
  • Why you should spend the time refining your skills. 
  • How to deal with financials when you are an entrepreneur.
  • Dealing with taxes as an entrepreneur and the beauty of deductions.
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zero in on your goals as a mompreneur

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