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15 Best Selling Etsy Printables

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Do you love to create and sell printables?

There’s a huge demand for great graphics and designs, especially on Etsy.

With more people relying on this marketplace as a way to make money online.

It’s important not to overlook the potential of selling your own Etsy printables!

Let’s explore some of the best ideas you can use today.

You’ll learn how to find inspiration from other sellers’ products, what types of designs are in high-demand right now, and where you can go if you need help with any aspect of creating your own prints.

Whether or not you’re an experienced graphic designer or just starting out with Photoshop, we’ve got something for everyone here!

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What are Etsy printables?

Printables are items that you can print out, usually on paper.

They can be anything from a simple invitation or poster to a more complex coloring book or planner.

The great thing about printables is that they’re versatile and easy to customize for each individual customer.

Plus, they’re perfect for last-minute gifts or party decorations!

How do I make and sell Etsy printables?

The process of making your own Etsy printables is actually pretty simple.

It involves creating an Etsy account, choosing a digital file to upload, and filling in all the details you want buyers to see.

You can also easily add your own branding with your name or logo included in the design.

Then simply submit your listing for review by Etsy, and once it’s approved you’re ready to start selling!

Tips for creating successful Etsy printables

Now that you know a little bit more about what Etsy printables are and how to make them, it’s time to start thinking about what kinds of designs will sell best.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Look for trends

Trends are always changing in the world of graphic design, so it’s easy to find inspiration by looking at what’s popular right now.

Some things to consider include: colors, fonts, and styles.

You can also look at popular trends in your specific industries, like fashion or home decor, for inspiration.

Keep it simple

Not everyone is a graphic designer, so it’s important to keep your printables simple and easy to understand.

Try to use basic shapes and avoid too much detail – this will make them easier to customize.

Use clear, accurate images

It’s important to have high-quality photos on your product listings so customers can see exactly what they’re getting!

High-definition pictures will look more professional and stand out better than low-resolution versions.

Be sure to use a white or neutral background so the colors in your printables stand out.

Write great descriptions

Your product listing is your chance to sell your printables to potential customers.

Make sure to write clear and enticing descriptions that will convince people to buy.

Include information about what the printable is, what it’s for, who it’s perfect for and how to access them properly.

Test and adjust

As with any other business, it’s important to test and adjust your sales strategy until you find what works best.

Try different designs, prices, and marketing techniques to see what brings in the most sales.

If you still need more help creating your Etsy printables, here are a few courses that will help you get started:

Create and sell printable planners

Open an Etsy shop selling digital party products

Build a successful Etsy shop

What tools do I need to create printables?

In order to start creating your own printables, you’ll need a few basic tools:

Photo editing software – Programs like Photoshop is perfect for creating printable designs.

Graphic design software – If you’re looking to create more complex designs, programs like InDesign or Illustrator will be helpful.

A printer – This is obviously essential for printing out your finished designs to check their quality.

With these tools in hand, you’re ready to start creating beautiful printables that will boost your Etsy sales!

Build a Successful Etsy Shop

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Where can I find inspiration for my printables?

There are plenty of great options for gathering inspiration when it comes to printables, but here are some of our favorite sites:

Canva – Use this site’s easy-to-use templates and stock images to create fantastic Etsy printables.

Etsy shops – Browse different sellers’ stores for inspiration or ideas that you can use.

Pinterest – Pin images that you like to a board for later reference.

Unsplash – Search through hundreds of high-quality photos for Etsy printables.

Behance – Find designs from other graphic designers that you can use as inspiration or in your own work.

These platforms will help you find inspiration or ideas for your Etsy printables that you can emulate.

But of course, you will also need to make sure that you are creating unique and personalized designs that are perfect for your target market.

15 Best Etsy printables that will boost your sales

Now that you know a little more about making and selling Etsy printables, it’s time to start thinking about the types of products you’ll offer.

There are tons of options out there, so you should explore as many as possible before settling on a niche.

Here are some ideas for every occasion:

Invitations & announcements

Invitations and announcements are always a popular item to sell on Etsy.

They’re perfect for any special occasion, and can be customized to match the theme of your event.

You can also sell digital versions that customers can print out themselves.

Party decorations

Digital party decorations are another great item to sell on Etsy.

They would be perfect for last-minute celebrations, and can be customized to match any theme.

You can also sell printable party kits that include everything a customer needs to throw a party.

Printable cards

Card designs are always popular on Etsy, and there’s no shortage of occasions that call for a card.

You can sell cards that are blank or pre-written, and they’re perfect for birthdays, thank you’s, congratulations, and more.


Etsy printable calendars are great because you can customize them to fit any occasion or holiday throughout the year.

They can be created in design software like Photoshop and Illustrator, and you can sell the final product or digital downloads.

Party favors

Customers can never have too many party favors, and this is a perfect niche to sell printable items in.

You can offer everything from banners and invitations to candy bar wrappers and party games – be creative!

Printable stickers

Printable stickers are another versatile item that can be used for a variety of occasions.

They’re perfect for scrapbooking, planners, and more, and you can customize them to match any theme.

Recipe cards

Recipe cards are always a popular item, and they’re perfect for anyone who loves to cook.

You can sell digital or printed versions, and they’re a great way to show off your culinary skills.

Printable bookmarks

Printable bookmarks are perfect for anyone who loves to read, and they make a great gift for any occasion.

You can sell them in a variety of designs and styles, and they’re a great way to promote your other Etsy products.

Printable wall art

Wall art is a popular item on Etsy, and there’s no shortage of designs to choose from.

You can sell printable posters, canvases, and more in any style you like.

Printable stationary

Stationary items like printable thank you cards and personalized notes are great to sell on Etsy.

You can offer both pre-written and blank versions, and they’re a good way to promote your clients brand.

Printable planners

Printable planners are always a popular item, and there’s no shortage of designs to choose from.

You can sell them in a variety of designs and styles, and they’re a great way to organize your life.

Printable tags

Tags are great for scrapbooking, gift-giving, and more, and you can even offer blank tags for customers to customize themselves.

Printable party games

Printable party games are perfect for last-minute celebrations, and they’re a great way to keep guests entertained.

You can sell them in a variety of designs and styles, and they’re a great way to make any party a hit.

Printable photo frames

Printable photo frames are a versatile item that can be used for home decor, scrapbooking, and more.

You can sell them as digital downloads or as printed photo frames, and can customize them to match any occasion.

Seasonal printables

There’s always a demand for great graphics and designs, so it’s worth exploring seasonal niches.

You can sell digital versions of Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and more.

As you can see, there are a variety of printables that you can sell on Etsy.

Be creative, and think about what products would be the perfect addition to your shop.

Customer demand for printables is only going to continue to grow, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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How to market your Etsy printables

With so many great Etsy printables for sale, it’s important to stay competitive.

Here are a few tips that will help you make the most sales:

Use coupons

Offering discounts when your customers purchase multiple items is one of the best ways to bring in more sales.

Packages and bundles look more enticing than single items, so consider offering discounts when customers buy a certain number of your products.

Create product bundles

Another great way to increase sales is by creating product bundles.

Bundles can include a variety of items, such as stickers, party favors, and printable bookmarks.

Use social media to promote your shop

Social media is a great way to promote your Etsy printables, so take full advantage of it.

Post images on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your other social media platforms to get the word out about your shop.

Write blog posts about your products

Blogging is a good way to attract organic traffic to your shop, and it’s also a great way to show off your skills as a graphic designer.

Write blog posts about your products, and be sure to include images for readers to see.

Join online communities

There are a number of online communities where you can promote your Etsy printables.

Join forums, Facebook groups, and other online communities to get the word out about your shop.

Etsy printables frequently asked questions

If you are considering selling printables on Etsy, you may have some questions.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about printables:

How do I create a printable?

Creating a printable is easy – all you need is a graphic design program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Start by creating a new document that is 8.5″ x 11″, and design the graphics for your product.

Can I sell printables that I create for other people?

Yes, you can sell printables that you create for other people provided that you have the copyright permission to do so.

Make sure to include a copyright notice in your product listing.

What type of files can I sell on Etsy?

You can sell .JPG, .PNG, and .PDF files on Etsy.

Can I sell a printable that other people have created?

No, you cannot resell other people’s printables on Etsy.  

If you want to offer another company’s or creator’s digital file for sale on your shop, contact them for permission first.

Etsy has provided the most comprehensive and well-organized platform for selling printables online.  

Take full advantage of this opportunity to make some extra money on the side!

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what printables are, you might want to try making some yourself.

Etsy is a great place to sell those printables, as there’s always been demand for designers and artists.  

Every day, more and more people are turning to Etsy as a platform for selling their products.

Social media is a great way to promote your Etsy printables, so take full advantage of it.  

Write blog posts about your products to attract organic traffic and show off your skills as a designer!

There’s always been demand for great graphics and designs, so consider selling printables on Etsy!

If you have any other questions about printables, be sure to check out the Etsy help center. They have a wealth of information that can answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy selling your printables on Etsy!

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