Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by friends who listened to your passions, interests and relate to your constant need to explore, and take a chance on something out of the ordinary? I have too! That’s why I created Offbeat Meets where we can meet Offbeat individuals who share our passions and  give each other support, while doing amazing activities together!
Interested? Make sure to sign up for the events. I can not wait to meet you and learn more about your passions and purpose.

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I am excited to be hosting a LIVE webinar with Louiza Megan on March 5! Louiza is a fun, high energy and assertive business mentor. She will show you how to set boundaries in your business and life and take the time you need away from your laptop to focus and recharge, all while still making money!
Please meet us on Zoom: We are excited to connect with you!

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