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Extended: How experiences can improve your mental health with Marilen Rose.

Here are the incredible tips that Marilen shares on how experiences can improve your mental health.

Listen Below:

Why is it important to be able to have real-life experiences outside of virtual reality?

  • It is important to experience the world instead of just watching it from your screen.

How has this affected your own personal life?

  • Staying indoors can affect your mood significantly and taking the time to be more active can change your mood from negative to positive.

How do you achieve wellness by making mistakes?

  • Fear of failure can be crippling and because we do not want to make mistakes we end up not doing anything.
  • If you become OK with making mistakes and realize that it is a part of life, you will lose the fear and will be able to do more with your life.
  • Making mistakes is where you learn the most and if you don’t make mistakes, you will stay stagnant.
  • We should not avoid pain, because it is what makes us grow.
  • Accepting your mistakes and pain can be the only way to get passed it.
  • If you push it away or ignore the feelings, it will remain and can become detrimental to your health and growth.

Check out the full interview with Marilen on how to fill your life with experiences, not things. 

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