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Extended: How to get genuine engagement on social media with Sara Melotti

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Here are the incredible tips that Sara Melotti shares on the best Instagram tips for genuine engagement.

Sara Melottu

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • What she wished she knew before starting this journey.
  • The worst advice she has ever received.
  • Making a positive impact in someones life as a legacy.
  • How to create great content.
  • How to get genuine engagement from your community.
  • How to find your niche to help you stand out.
  • How to use Instagram stories in a more impactful way.
  • Understanding that social media is contrived and not reality.
  • Being a content creator is a real job.
  • Best networking tips for social media.

Check out the full interview with Sara where she discusses how to stay authentic as a content creator.

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