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Extended: How to get sponsors from your blog with Ricky Shetty

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Here are the incredible tips that Ricky shares on how to get sponsors from your blog.

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In this episode:

What is the first thing to do if you want to get a sponsor.

  • Before you can find a sponsor – create a successful blog by – Making, Marketing then Monetizing.
  • Making- you need to create your blog and brand well by creating your mission and values that your audience will believe in.
  • Grow your audience by marketing through email marketing, building your social media (focusing on 3 social media so you do not get overwhelmed).
  • Monetize by creating and selling your own products, sponsorships and advertising.

How to reach out to get sponsorships.

  • Sending a pitch email to the person in charge of marketing.
  • Create a short pitch that will talk a bit about your blog and why you align with one another.
  • The perks of pitching and create relationships with brands.

How do you grow your following in social media?

  • Follow the golden rule – do onto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Like, support, share content for others in order to help.
  • Be genuine with your actions and reciprocate.

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