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20 Best Gift for Remote Employees They’ll Actually Love!

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Are you looking for the best gifts for friends who work at home, but don’t know where to look?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

There are some really cool gadgets made specifically for remote workers.

These gadgets can help them stay organized and motivated by tracking their time and tasks, staying social with coworkers, and so much more!

If you’re ready to give the best gifts for online employees in your life, here are our top picks to get you started!

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Best Gifts for Employees that Work from Home: Shopping Tips

If you’re looking for the best work from home gifts, think about their day-to-day.

What do they need to stay motivated and organized?

What gadgets would make their lives easier?

Maybe you know them well enough that these questions don’t apply, but we bet there are some great gifts out there that you’ve never even thought about.

First, think about the types of work they’ll be doing.

For example, if they handle customer calls or manage an online store, a headset might make their day-to-day tasks easier.

If they often collaborate with coworkers over video conference calls, a wireless microphone or webcam might make those conversations more enjoyable.

If they work from home occasionally and travel often, a portable charger or luggage scale could be extremely useful!

But you also want to make sure that you are not getting something that they already have, so you might need to ask around first.

Most remote employees are always looking for ways to improve their day-to-day, so they’ll be excited to see any of these gifts that we’ve found for you!

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20 Best Gift for Remote Employees: What’s on Our Lists?

Here are some ideas that we know would make great gifts for people that work from home…

Webcam Cover Slide

Every remote worker has been on video conferences and have had issues with what to do to cover their cameras after their call.

From using tape to stickers, or even a small piece of paper, they all look messy and aren’t exactly the most secure.

This webcam cover slide is the perfect gift for remote employees!

A remote desktop Webcam Cover allows you to easily slide a polarized lens over the webcam on your laptop, and it’s just as easy to remove for when you need it!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Remote employees work in many different places, whether they are at home or traveling around the world.

They need to have headphones that can block out any noise so they can focus on their work.

A great pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a great addition to anyone’s desk to help them concentrate!

Extendable Selfie Stand

There are a lot of ways to use a selfie stand than just the obvious.

Whether to use it to film a how to video or to take pictures of your work, the possibilities are endless with this extendable selfie stand.

It is the perfect gift for remote employees, especially if they are social media savvy and have a more creative job.

Portable Wireless Charger

Remote employees are always on the go, which means they need a portable wireless charger to stay charged no matter where they are.

This gadget is flat and easy to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack for travel!

It can also give you a ton of extra battery life, so it’ll be worth the purchase!

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

A great gift for those who work from home is a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Since their home office is most likely not as big as the one they had when they were in an office, a wireless keyboard and mouse can help them feel more relaxed and inspired in their workspace.

You don’t want them falling behind because of a bad workstation, so why not give them this gift that they will actually use!


A houseplant is perfect for remote employees who work from home, because they need a companion that doesn’t mind their erratic schedule.

This Monstera is a great gift to give because it is one of the top air purifying plant to get rid of harmful air in any home.

Plus it’s so pretty that we’re sure it will be a huge hit with any remote worker!

Temperature Controlled Mug

Remote employees have a lot of things to worry about, but their coffee shouldn’t be one of them.

This Temperature Controlled Mug will keep any drink the perfect temperature for a longer period of time!

It is the ultimate gift for those who work from home and need that cup o’ joe to stay hot.

Back Massage Pillow

Many online workers spend many hours at their desk, and may end up having some back issues because of it.

A great gift that keeps on giving is this heated massage pillow which will help to relieve any tension they may be feeling.

It’s also compact enough to travel anywhere, making this gift perfect for those who work from home!

Phone Holder and Speaker

Having entertainment while you work is a must to make sure you stay motivated and focused.

This elephant phone holder and speaker is great because it lets the remote employee focus on their work while still being entertained!

It can be easily set up on any desk, which makes it the perfect gift for remote employees to make their workspace more enjoyable!

External Hard Drive

Online workers have a lot of important information at their fingertips, so it’d be super convenient if they had an external hard drive to store all of their work!

This gadget ensures that everything is backed up and safe wherever they go so they don’t have to worry about losing anything.

It will make their lives 10x easier, making it the perfect gift for remote employees.

Portable Sewing Kit

Many digital workers are always on the move, which means that items may get lost or damaged.

This sewing kit is great because it’s compact and perfect for travel.

If something ever gets torn or needs to be sewn back together, this could definitely come in handy!

That way they don’t have to worry about it falling apart on them while they’re out doing things they enjoy!

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Staying active is important for remote employees, especially if they work from home.

A Fitbit is a great gift for them because it can track steps taken and calories burned to ensure that the user stays fit while working!

Online workers need all of the motivation they can get to stay healthy and not be glued to their desk chair the entire day, so this is the perfect gift for remote employees.


Many people love the tradition of getting a new planner every year, and this gift is perfect for online workers!

Planners come in a variety of different designs and sizes, which means there’s one out there for everyone!

Remote employees who work from home need something to keep track of all their appointments, deadlines, and meetings – planners are a must-have for those who work from home!

Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner

Online workers might not always have time to clean their workspaces, which is why they could definitely use a mini desk vacuum cleaner!

This device instantly makes any dirty surface spotless and can be used with one hand.

If they always want to keep the workspace looking nice and clean, this gadget will help them do just that.

International Snack Mix

This international snack mix is awesome because it has different flavors from different parts of the world!

Remote employees will love experiencing new flavors while getting to work, and this gift is a unique way to show them that you appreciate their hard work!

Amazon Alexa Speaker

The Amazon Alexa speaker is the perfect gift for remote employees because it’s easy to use and always on hand!

Workers can ask this device questions about anything, get information about products they’re interested in, and get directions whenever they get lost.

This device also has a lot of entertainment that will keep them entertained while they work!

Tablet Holder

Many remote workers always have their tablets on hand to take notes, look at documents, and more.

This tablet holder is awesome because it lets people prop up their tablet so they can watch videos or read articles while still being able to type on the computer!

This gadget makes it 10x easier for them to do both, so they’ll never have to choose what to work on first.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is basically a life-saver for remote employees, so it would be great if they could get an Amazon Prime membership!

This membership allows the user to get free two-day shipping and other benefits, which is perfect for people who frequently order items online.

Online workers can also use this membership to watch movies and TV shows whenever they don’t feel like working!

Smart Light Bulbs

If there is any struggle with staying focused, they could use a pair of smart light bulbs to help them!

These lights have adjustable brightness and color, which means the user can dim the lights or change them from white to yellow so their eyes will feel more comfortable.

Remote employees who work from home sometimes spend hours staring at a screen, so this gadget would be a great gift.

Standing Desk

Anyone who works from home will appreciate a standing desk!

Even though they don’t have to leave the house for work, many workers still stand at their desks when they get tired of sitting all day long.

This is why a standing desk would make a great gift for remote employees because it will keep them from getting tired while they work.

Food Dehydrator

If remoters don’t have time to cook during the week, they can still eat healthy with a dehydrator!

This gadget makes fresh fruits and vegetables last longer by removing water from them so all they have to do is take out their ingredients and snack!

There are also plenty of different recipes that anyone could use!

Are you ready to send gifts to your work from home friends?

Online workers need all the help they can get to stay efficient and on task with their work.

Fortunately, there are tons of gadgets available that can help them stay organized, motivated, and enjoy their work while working from home!

If you know someone who works remotely, this list is a great place to start when buying them a gift.

They’ll love all of these devices that will help make their lives easier while working outside of an office!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and choose the perfect gift for remote employees you know they’ll love!


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