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Best Gifts for Podcasters they Will Actually Love!

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Finding the right gifts for podcasters in your life can be tough. With so much equipment out there to choose from, how do you choose the right one? How do you know what the podcaster in your life may need? Especially if you don’t know anything about podcasting yourself.

How about giving them something that will help raise the level of their podcast? Or, giving them something to round out their podcast equipment? But if you’re scratching your head on what exactly to get them, that’s where this podcaster gift guide comes in.

And the best thing about this podcaster gift guide? It gives ideas that maybe the podcaster in your life hasn’t even thought of. But, all of the accessories listed below will be a beneficial addition to their show. From using better equipment for increased sound quality for their podcast, to stylish yet functional bags to carry equipment around, any podcaster would be thrilled with the products below. So, don’t stress out because we have created a list of the best gifts for podcasters.

LS-P4 recorder

If that podcaster in your life is still using a microphone on their phone or laptop to record their podcast, then this is the perfect gift for them. A quality sounding podcast will attract and, more importantly, keep listeners. No one likes to listen to a podcast full of static, background noise, or uneven volume. That is why the LS-P4 recorder is a crucial piece of podcasting equipment. This recorder acts like human ears with its three microphones for recording and providing sound in stereo.

The LS-P4 is the first recorder to record using the FLAC format. This means that when the recording is compressed, there is zero loss of quality in the sound. And that is huge when it comes to podcasting. Even better, this recorder comes with seven different recording scenarios ensuring that the best recording is captured, including the ability to record voice-only in a noisy atmosphere.

To give a podcast a seamless intro and ending, the LS-P4 also features a Fade In/Fade Out function. When the recording starts, the volume gradually increases in the first seconds, and gradually decreases to silence at the end. This will add to the professional level of any podcast.

And, best of all, this recorder fits in the palm of your hand. With its small size and light-weight, this recorder can easily be carried around at all times providing a podcaster with so many opportunities to work on their podcast while traveling. And, with a USB connection, it’s so easy to download recordings for editing onto a laptop.

It’s the one piece of equipment that no podcaster should be without. So, that’s why it’s the best gift to give for any podcaster.

Olympus E-M10 Mark III

Think podcasters only need audio to create the best show? Think again! Marketing is a huge part of creating a podcast. And having the right camera for social media and website content is crucial to the growth of any podcast. Having this camera will take their marketing and brand to the next level. 

That’s why the Olympus E-M10 Mark III makes for the perfect podcast gift. This camera makes taking amazing photos easy while also capturing vibrant videos. And with this camera, there’s the option of shooting with the shutter button or by touching the screen on the focus point. The Olympus E-M10 Mark III is dependable on getting the perfect shot every time as it features in-body image stabilization, compensating for any movement when the shot is taken.

And talk about taking the marketing to the next level for your beloved podcaster! This camera comes with 15 built-in filters providing instant artistic creativity for both videos and photos. And this is perfect for building one’s brand and marketing position on social media. So, all videos and photos have the same feel and look all without using extra editing programs.

Speaking of social media, the Olympus E-M10 Mark III also features a clip mode, making it super easy to edit videos and create short movies all on the camera! And, with WIFI sync, there are zero delays in getting the end product easily from the camera to your smart device and on social media. This is why the Olympus E-M10 Mark III makes for the perfect gift for podcasters.

If your podcaster is struggling with marketing and social media, this camera will be a crucial tool that they’ll use over and over again. As far as gifts for podcasters you can’t miss with this Olympus camera.

To get the most out of your images try Olympus 7-14mm Wide-angle lens to get versatile images. If you can only bring one lens when you are on the go, this is the perfect one to bring!


Looking for gift ideas for podcasters that are stylish yet functional? Look no further than Gatta Bags. Gatta features stylish camera bags for keeping cameras safe. And the Lola Noir bag is roomy enough for a DLSR or mirrorless camera plus additional lenses. Or, it can be used to carry around portable podcast equipment, including a recorder, headphones, and a microphone.

Made from leather, this fashionable bag easily hides its true function as a camera bag. It features two main compartments for a camera and lens. And there’s also an outer pocket that fits a mobile device, tablet and/or notebook.

With the Gattabag, your podcaster will certainly have the professional look as they meet with clients and interviewees.

Western digital external hard drive

An ideal gift for podcasters is an external hard drive. With podcasters having so many recording files and images for social media, it’s easy to max out space on their laptop. That’s why this Western Digital External Hard Drive is so helpful. Compact and lightweight, this hard drive increases storage capacity to 4 terabytes. That’s more than enough space for a string of podcasts.

It’s also super easy to travel with and comes with USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatibility. Take away the fear of running out of space to work on the podcast and add this podcast gift to your Christmas list.

Mini microphone for smartphones

If your podcaster likes to keep things simple and work with their mobile device or tablet, you can still help raise their game by giving this great gift for podcasters. The VideoMic Me Mini-Shotgun Microphone for smartphones is a directional microphone that easily connects to iPhone and Android devices.

Providing high-quality sound, this microphone positions on the phone so it does not get in the way of video recording or picture taking. And, it even comes with an accessory to reduce wind noise when using outdoors. Being super light and small, it easily can go everywhere with a podcaster so they never miss a beat.

Podcast mentorship to get you to the next level of your podcasting journey

The best gifts to give are the ones that keep giving. And that’s why this podcasting mentorship program is one of the best gifts for podcasters. I am currently offering help to any podcasters who want to get started, grow and monetize with one-on-one mentorship.

I have gone through the trials and tribulations of launching a podcast. Not only that but I have learned valuable lessons while gaining an audience and monetizing my podcast. Now I want to share my experience with fellow podcasters so they can avoid critical mistakes that won’t hamper their growth.

With several programs to choose from, there’s a plan that is right for any podcaster regardless of what stage their podcast is at. Along with specific guides, the mentorship comes with monthly phone calls with me along with unlimited emails to help a podcaster overcome any hurdle and find success with their podcast.

This podcast mentorship is the ideal podcast gift. Help the podcaster in your life take their podcast from hobby to a profitable business.


Are the podcasters in your life ready to create income from their show but don’t know how? We have created the e-book “How to Create a Profitable Podcast” to get valuable information on how they can Launch, Grow and Monetize their show.

This book will give you a practical and useful guideline on how you can turn your podcast from hobby to profitable business.

Finding perfect gifts for podcasters isn’t as hard as you may think it would be. These podcast gifts will help a podcaster at any level, from newbie to experienced. From better equipment, to ease of carrying equipment, to more space for saving files, any podcaster will benefit from these items.

We all want to see our friends and family succeed. Whether if it’s a hobby or a start-up business, we always want to help if we can. And with any of these gifts for podcasters, you will certainly be showing that podcaster in your life that you support them.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get one of these gifts for that special podcaster!



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