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How to Get Sales on Etsy: Beginners Guide

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Are you struggling to make sales on Etsy?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a list of 24 tips that will help you get started.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been selling for years, these tips are sure to help boost your sales and earn more money with Etsy.

So let’s get started!

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Table of Contents

Why Sell on Etsy?

Now that we’ve talked about what Etsy actually is, let’s take a look at the benefits of selling on Etsy.

First off, it’s free to set up a shop and list items for sale on the site.  

And you only pay when someone buys something from your store.

Sellers can promote their shops through Facebook advertisements or by creating a dedicated website for their business outside of Etsy.

Another benefit of selling on Etsy is that you can attract a whole new audience of people who may not be familiar with your brand or store.

But you can easily target those users by targeting keywords in the titles and descriptions of your listings.

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Setting up an Etsy Shop

If you’ve never set up shop on Etsy, creating your account is easy.

Here are the exact steps you need to take:

Go to and click on “Sign In” in the upper right corner.

On the next page, create your account by clicking “register” then filling out your name, email, and password.

Once you’ve created an account with Etsy, click on “Shop Manager” in the top right corner of your screen.

This opens up a dashboard where you can start listing your items and see the stats for sales and views on your Etsy shop.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to open up a shop and start listing items!

How does Etsy charge for listings?

Listing fees are based on the starting price of your items.

Etsy charges 20 cents for each product if it doesn’t sell and your listings will be active for four months or until they are bought.

They also charge a 5% transaction fee as well as 3% plus $0.25 payment processing fee.

But there are no additional monthly fees, they also provide seller protection, and automatic deposits when you sell your items!

Creating a Listing

You can create a listing for your items in Etsy by following these simple steps:

1. Click on the “Add a listing” button at the top of the page and select which type of item you want to list.

2. Start adding images of your items, details, and even a video to give your potential buyer a good idea of what they’re getting.

3. Make sure to add a detailed description of your item as well as any important information about the listing to help attract potential buyers!

4. Make sure to add a title and tags for your item in the search bar to make it easy for someone to track down your listing.

5. Then review your listing to make sure everything is complete and accurate before publishing it.

24 Best Tips on How to Get Sales on Etsy

Now that your shop is up and running, you need to make sure your listings are getting the attention they deserve.

These tips will help you learn how to get sales on Etsy:

1. Make sure your Etsy shop is searchable by crafting keywords!

This is important for Etsy SEO (search engine optimization) and getting your product in front of the right users.

Any easy way to find keywords for Etsy is by using the search bar.

Try typing a word in and you will automatically see a drop down box that will show you the most popular searches for that item.

You can add these suggested keywords to your description or even your item title.

2. Use the shop bottons and options on different social media sites.

Social media platforms are now allowing you to add a shop on their platforms.

Make sure you take advantage and list your items on each of the platforms that allow you to do it like Instagram and Facebook.

You can also link your items to your Etsy shop!

3. Create a coupon or discount code for returning customers.  

Having returning customers is the key to success when you sell on Etsy!

Customers love buying from sellers who offer discounts, free shipping, and other promotions.

Because it saves them money and encourages loyalty in the long run.

You can easily create coupon codes on Etsy to apply discounts or free shipping for your returning customers which will help you upsell and make more sales!

4. Hold a giveaway for your products.

Giveaways are an easy way to get more interest in your Etsy store and gain new followers!

In order for them to enter the giveway you can ask them to share your shop link or follow you on socials.

This will allow you to gain more followers and eyes on your shop.

5. Start a referral program for your shop.

Give people an incentive to refer your items and share them with their friends!

Offering discounts on each purchase made from a referral is a good way to do this.

You can easily create a code or link that they will be able to use every time they make a purchase which will automatically track the referral.

6. Write a blog and add links to your shop

Having a blog and linking it in your Etsy store is a great way to drive traffic to both places!

You can write about relevant topics in your niche and share helpful tips for customers.

If someone finds an article you’ve written on the subject, they may want to check out your Etsy shop!.

7. Offer free shipping to attract buyers.

Free shipping is a great way to gain more sales for your Etsy shop.

It can increase your chances of making a sale and turn customers away from other listings that do not offer this service.

8. Keep track of all statistics and feedback from your customers.

You can easily keep track and use your analytics data to your advantage.

Analytics are great for gaining insight on how people are finding you and what they’re viewing!

You can learn which keywords generate the most views, where most of your traffic is coming from, and so much more.

Then use this information to help you improve your listings so they convert better!

Keeping track of your feedback also allows you to thank customers who leave positive remarks which can encourage them to shop with you again in the future.

9. Include high quality photos in your listings.

High resolution pictures will help you get more sales because customers can actually “see” what they’re buying and the true size of the item.

This is important for customers who may want to know what kind of material it’s made out of or if it’ll fit them before buying!

10. Find out what kind of products are selling best.

Knowing what sort of items are getting the most views, favorited, and bought will allow you to make more of those types.

This is especially useful if you can’t seem to get sales for certain products even though they’re some of your best work.

Finding out why this might be happening is important so you can better understand your customers.

If you find that the problem is with the product itself, then try improving it by making more or replacing it entirely.

11. Reach out to local boutiques and shops as well as bloggers locally who might be interested in your items.

Your fellow creatives are a great source of advertising for you!  

Having a new place to sell your products and share them with more people is also good for increasing exposure and sales!

12. Get on Pinterest!

Having your items pinned on Pinterest is an awesome way to draw more traffic to your shop.

This can help increase sales by allowing customers who might not have seen your store before find it and purchase something they are interested in.

13. Create an email list of all the people you want to contact who have shopped from your store.

Having a list of people you can contact whenever you have new items listed or sales going on is very helpful!

You can use this to tell them about any special deals, discounts, limited edition items, and more.  

Then all they have to do is check their email instead of searching through your store for items they might have missed or are brand new.

14. Write articles about your niche on Medium or Reddit

Having articles written about you is a great way to get new customers!

This can also expose you to different people who might not have known about your little corner of the web!

15. Participate in Etsy chat groups!

These are some of the best places to get advice or just ask any questions you have about your niche.

You can also meet new people with similar interests and potentially make friends!

Most of these groups are made up of other shop owners so they’re very supportive and willing to help out when they can.

You might even learn some tips and tricks from them too!

16. Do a collaboration with another Etsy shop owner!

Collaborations are great because you can team up with somebody who you can make new things with and promote both your shops.

These often include giveaways or maybe even a discount code for the other person’s shoppers.

It can help you gain a new audience and get more sales!

Collaborating is also a great excuse to make friends with somebody who you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

17. Do some research on your competition and see what they’re doing to get more sales.

Knowing what other people in the same niche as you are doing will give you new ideas!

It can help you learn more about your customer base and make it easier to target them with relevant items.

And will allow you to learn how to get sales on Etsy from pros.

18. Find out what time of year your shop gets the most activity.

For example, maybe you make a lot of Christmas ornaments in December because they sell better around that time.

If you know when you’re busiest, then you can plan for it accordingly by stocking up on more materials or hiring help if needed.

19. Take advantage of trends!

A great way to learn how to get sales on Etsy is by capitalizing on trends as they’re happening!

Some common ones include popular items for weddings, babies, or even just general gift purchases.

Knowing when these events might happen and planning ahead can be a very useful tool for increasing your sales.

20. Start out with low prices to get more sales early on!

If you’re just starting out, then it’s a good idea to give yourself time to build up your sales.

This might mean that you have to sacrifice some of your earnings during this period.

But it’ll help in the long run by having more customer confidence and a chance for greater success!

21. Think about branching out into different items that are in your niche.

If you only sell clothes, maybe consider branching out to include hats or shoes.

This can help you reach different sections of your customer base and create some variety in your store!

Having a more diverse selection can attract different buyers and have them coming back for more.

22. Create a sale to clear out some excess inventory!

If you have items that aren’t selling as well anymore, then this might be a good time to get rid of them and make room for newer products.

23. Create package deals that save people money!

For example, if you have two items that are normally sold separately, why not sell them together for a discounted price?

This can help your customers save money and might be more appealing to them.

It might even have them coming back for more items in the future!

24. Ask your customers what they want and then try to sell it to them!

This is a great way to get some feedback from an unbiased source.

You can ask them open-ended questions about their preferences or maybe even create a form on your website so they can fill it out more easily.

It can give you insight into what kind of items your customers want and will help you sell more!

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Frequently asked Questions

Now that we have covered the basics of how to get sales on Etsy, let’s talk about some frequently asked questions.

Where do I find my first customers?

You might want to start out by doing some research on your competitors and see what they’re doing right.

Try finding some common ground between you and them so that you have a better chance of being noticed more easily.

Once you find out the best selling items, then you will have a better chance of selling the right items.

What if my items aren’t selling?

If your items aren’t selling, then take some time to think about why this is happening.

Maybe your customers don’t know you’re there or maybe your items are overpriced.

It might be worthwhile to go back and see if you can improve some of these things!

If they still aren’t doing well, then it might be time to rethink what you’re offering.

What are some ways to get reviews?

When you get your first few sales, it’s a great idea to request customer reviews.

This will help improve your reputation and make customers more likely to buy from you in the future.

You might also want to consider mentioning reviews on your listings or even offering incentives for leaving them!

What if I don’t have much experience?

If you don’t have a lot of experience with Etsy, then find something you’re passionate about and start from there.

Maybe you enjoy making jewelry or hand-sewing plushies.

Once this becomes your niche, then it’s a good idea to branch out into other areas and start selling your other items there.


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