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Extended: How to help the world’s poor and see change with Gret Glyer

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Here are the incredible tips that Gret Glyer gives on how to help the world’s poor and see the results.

Listen Below:


In this episode:

  • How can we make an impact as an individual.
  • How do we know which charitable organizations to volunteer for when we are traveling.
  • Why is DonorSee different from other charitable organizations
  • DonorSee provides opportunities for sustainable and long term income.
  • Each of DonorSee’s project is only up to $450 in order to provide small and personal but high impact projects.
  • DonorSee Partnership Highlight: Amy Hathaway with Forever Angels

If you want to learn more about DonorSee you can visit

Check out the full interview with Gret Glyer  – The Uber of Charity.

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