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30 Best Gifts for Journalers

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Do you know any journalers?

If so, here are some fantastic gift ideas for the next holiday, birthday or just because.

It will help them express their creativity, keep track of everything they want to remember or unleash the writer in them.

So, scroll down and check out some of the best gifts for journalers, and writers that they’ll love!

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What are journalers?

Journalers are people who like to set aside a little time each day or week and just write.

It can be a letter, short story or even poetry.  

The important thing is that they get their thoughts and feelings down on paper.

That’s why journaling is useful for so many reasons.

Some journalers keep the journal only for themselves, while others also use it to share with other people in their lives.

Either way, all of them have amazing journals that are full of memories, personal thoughts and feelings.

30 Best gifts for journalers and writers to help them express their feelings

There are plenty of ways you can deliver the best gifts for journalers and writers.

So, we rounded up a list of 30 gifts that will inspire any writer to keep going.

They are all very affordable too, so don’t worry about breaking the bank.

Below are some of our favorite gifts for journalers and writers that will help them unleash their writing abilities.

Top Journals that every writer should have

These are the best journals out there if you’re looking for a notebook that is just right for writing.

They’re aesthetically beautiful and have plenty of space on each page.

For those who want to draw or color, this is also a great option as it has plenty of room to do that too!

So here are some journals that your friends and family will love:

Tree of Life Handmade Leather Journal

This is a truly stunning journal, handmade from genuine buffalo leather and decorated with Tree of Life art.

Refillable Lined Paper Tree of Life Handmade Leather Journal

It has 200 pages which are eco friendly recycled paper and suitable for both writing and drawing.

The Tree of Life Handmade Leather Journal would make a beautiful gift for any writers.

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

This is a lovely, hard cover journal with 160 lined pages.

It would be perfect for writing poetry, quotes or even short stories.

PAPERAGE Lined Journal Notebook

The Paperage Lined Journal Notebook has a water resistant vegan leather cover.

And comes in multiple colors so you can effortlessly find the right one for your journaler friend.

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Here’s another beautiful journal made from genuine leather.

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

This one has 120 pages and can be used as journals, sketchbook or diary.

The Leather Journal Writing Notebook would be a great gift for any journaler.

Daily Positivity Journal For Happiness

Make sure your journaler friend is always positive and happy with this daily notebook.

Daily Positivity Journal For Happiness

It’s a beautiful textured hardcover journal, filled with daily quotes.

And a great way to make journaling an integral part of your life and gives you some powerful words on every page.

Celestial Journal

This is another stunning journal with beautiful cover that’s a reproduction of Henry T. Wood’s book binding from 1933.

Celestial Journal

It would be the perfect gift for any journalers, especially those who like the vintage look.

Elegant and Waterproof Journals

This is an amazing journal that’s perfect for writers and journalers who love to write by hand.

It has a water resistant cover, which makes it perfect for writing outdoors and its pages are eco friendly and thick paper.

Elegant and Waterproof Journals

What’s more, this elegant and waterproof journal comes in different designs so you’ll find the right one for your writing friend.

Refillable Travelers Journal

Journalers on the go will love this beautiful Travelers Journal.

It has a lovely leather cover, it’s refillable and comes in different colors.

Aesthetic Leather Journal Notebook

You can also use it as a notebook, diary or sketchbook.

It’s perfect for traveling and journaling whenever you want to.

Amazon Basics Bonded Leather Journal

This sleek journal is great for writing notes, thoughts or even to-do lists.

It has 80 pages so it’s perfect for any writers who are looking for a new journal to use.

Amazon Basics Bonded Leather Journal

The Amazon Basic Bonded Leather Journal would make a great gift for any journalers.

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

This is an interactive journal that helps you make sense of life and find your true purpose.

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

It has thought provoking quotes, beautiful cover and is a great addition to any journalers daily routine.

Persian Grove Journal

This is a gorgeous journal has a cover that’s a reproduction of a 16th century of Persian poetry book.

Persian Grove Journal

It would be a beautiful gift for anyone who appreciate the beauty of art and words.

Specialty Pens they’ll love!

These are some of the best pens for artists, writers and journalers, that will make every single word stand out.

Colored Journal Planner Pens

Make sure your journaling friend is always happy with this beautiful pack of pens.

iBayam Journal Planner Pens

They’re comfortable to hold and write smoothly on any paper, be it watercolor parchment or sketchbook.

The journal planner pens would be the perfect gift for any journalers.

Colored Fine Point Markers Journaling Pens

If you want to print professional looking quotes or drawings, these pens will be the perfect tool.

Journal Planner Pens

They come in 36 different colors so you’ll be able to find the right one for yourself and they have a strong ink flow.

Fine Point Colored Planner Pens

These are the perfect pens for any journalers who love to color code their writings.

You can choose between 12-24 different counts, so you’ll be able to add color to your notes, planner or even sketches.

TWOHANDS Journal Pens

They’re great for those who are creative and need a visual representation of their daily routine.

Unique Vintage Colored Gel Pens For Journaling

This pack of pens is uniquely designed to give you the best writing experience possible.

They’re comfortable to hold, don’t bleed through any paper and have a pleasant design that makes them stand out.

Writech Retractable Gel Pens

The pack includes 10 different colors, that are vintage inspired tones with fine tip gel pens.

Scented Felt Tip Pens

If your journaler friend likes to decorate their writing with beautiful drawings, or quotes then these pens will be the perfect gift.

Paper Mate Flair, Scented Felt Tip Pens

They’re scented and easy to handle and they come in a pack of 16 different colors.

Stickers that will make the perfect addition to their journals.

Adding stickers to your journaling pages will make them look more beautiful, here are some of the best.

Inspirational Quote Stickers for Journals

If you’re looking for a way to make your journaling pages more beautiful, then these stickers are the answer.

Inspirational Quote Stickers 

They include 100 different stickers that would look amazing in any journaling book.

They’re perfect to use with sketchbooks, planners and journals.

Essential Weekly Planner Stickers

This pack of stickers will help you plan your week in a beautiful way.

Essential Weekly Planner Stickers

They’re easy to use and they include 160 different stickers, perfect for decorating your planner or daily journaling pages.

Planner Stickers For Journals

These stickers are perfect for decorating any journals.

Planner Stickers

They include 28 sheets, with both inspiring quotes and decorative stickers that will make your journal entries memorable.

Female Empowerment Planner Stickers

This pack of stickers is designed to evoke feminine power and strength.

Female Empowerment Planner Stickers

They include 250+ girl boss stickers that you can use in any journals.

You can choose from many different designs and they’re perfect to decorate your planner.

Aesthetic Planner Stickers

If you want to add a touch of beauty and art to your journal pages, then these stickers are the answer.

Aesthetic Planner Stickers

They include 974 different stickers that you can use in any planner or journaling book.

This pack would be perfect for decorating and making them stand out.

Stencils to make your journaling pages more beautiful

Using stencils with your journaling pages is a great way to make them more personalized and unique.

Here are some of the best stencils you can get:

Journal Stencils 

These stencils are wonderful for decorating your journals.

Journal Stencils Planner 

They come in a pack of 20 different pieces that you can use to make any journaling page memorable.

Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Set

This set of stencils comes in 54 pieces that you can use together or separately to decorate your notebook.

Journal Stencil Plastic Planner Set

They’re designed for planners, journals and sketchbooks and come with several different shapes.

Productivity Stencil Journal Set

These stencils are perfect for decorating your journal.

Productivity Stencil Journal

They come in a pack of 24 different pieces and each one is designed to enhance your productivity and inspire you to create.

Bullet Journals Stencils

If your friend likes to decorate her journal with quotes and patterns, these stencils are perfect for her.

Midenco 30 PCS Bullet Journals Stencils

They include 30 different pieces that you can use to design beautiful pages in your bullet journal or notebook.

Ultimate Productivity Stencil Set for Dotted Journals

This set of stencils is perfect for bullet journals.

Ultimate Productivity Stencil Set

They will help you save time and become more productive by using them on your notebooks.

Other gifts for journalers they will love

Here are more unique gifts you can give to journalers in any occasion:

Fujifilm Instant Camera

Journalers love to capture their thoughts and memories with beautiful pictures.

Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

An instant camera will help them take photos of anything they find interesting and decorate the pages of their journals.

365 Quotes to Live Your Life By Powerful, Inspiring, & Life-Changing Words of Wisdom to Brighten Up Your Days

This book includes 365 quotes that will inspire your friend to keep on creating.

365 Quotes to Live Your Life By

365 Quotes to Live Your Life By is a great gift for anyone who needs the daily inspiration to create.

Love Colored Pencils: How to Get Awesome at Drawing: An Interactive Draw-in-the-Book Journal

Love Colored Pencils is a combination of a sketchbook and a coloring book.

Love Colored Pencils

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to draw, write poems and quotes.

Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling

This sketch book is perfect for anyone who love to draw.

Sketch Book: Notebook for Drawing

It includes 120 pages you can use to write, draw and create beautiful pieces of art.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

These colored pencils will help them create beautiful pieces of art.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

This pack includes 150 different colors you can use together or separately to decorate your pages with unique colors.


Journalers love to decorate their pages with quotes, drawings and patterns.

Some of the best gifts you can give them are stencils, stickers and an instant camera that will help them capture their thoughts on paper.

You can also improve their productivity by giving them some inspiration in the form of a journal or sketchbook.

So, what will you choose as a gift for your journaling friend?

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