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Extended: How to turn a parenting blog into a successful business with Katie Crenshaw.

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What you’ll find:

What’s the secret sauce to making a parenting blog work?

  • Create content that you are passionate about and use the skills that you already have.

Is there is a specific number that a blogger should strive for in order to start reaching out to companies and create income?

  • It depends on what the brands are looking for- more brands are willing to work with micro influencers.
  • Brands want engagement and that is the most important thing.

How can you create a community that will be engaged?

  • Make sure that you stick to who you are and be your authentic self.
  • Do not be everything, it is not consistent and will confuse your audience.
  • You have to provide your audience with what they need.

Get the full interview with Katie where she shares how to embrace your imperfections and share your authentic self as a mom blogger.

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