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Extended: How to live abroad for less with Tim Leffel

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Here are the incredible tips that Tim shares on how to live abroad for less.

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In this episode:

How to find the right location to live abroad for less. 

  • Tim wrote a book called “ A better life for half the price”, that gives tips on moving abroad and lowering your expenses.
  • You make the decision based on your heart, head and wallet. But to really know where to live, you have to visit the place in person.

Where do you find apartments to stay at when you want to explore a location for a longer term?

  • A lot of apartments in smaller towns and areas are not usually on the internet.
  • You have to play detective and speak with the people you meet when you are in the area.
  • You can also negotiate longer rental with airbnb renters.

How do you cut down your expenses without sacrificing your quality of life?

  • You do not have to sacrifice if you choose a place with a lower cost of living.
  • Health care can also be very cheap and affordable in other countries.

Check out the full interview with Tim shares on how to travel well for less and be a nomadic entrepreneur. 

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