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Extended: How to get the best local experience in a new city with Lauren Beebe

Here are the incredible tips that Lauren Beebe how to get the best local experience in a new city.

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How are you able to travel like a local in a new country and city?

    • Use companies like Trip Advisor experiences.
    • You can also find out about the best local tour companies and hitting their websites directly because they may have special discounts.
    • Visit wineries and distilleries and take the tour, you can then use the tour guide to find more information.
    • It can also be a great idea to book your activities when you are in your destination.
  • You can also check out Expedia and Airbnb Experiences as well for great activities.

How do you make friends or date when you are in a new city?

    • Place yourself in group experiences.
    • You can vibe with the guide and make friends. You may even get invited to dinner parties and meet more people there.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people.

Where do you find the best places to party and do fun activities?

    • Putting yourself in group settings is helpful.
  • Go to the best bar and restaurants and speak to the bartender or server to pick their brains.

Where do you find places to stay that will allow you to feel like a local?

    • Boutique hotels are a great way to fell like a local.

Check out the full interview with Lauren Beebe on how to build your client base on and offline. 

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