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I know that you have probably done a ton of research online and some of you have been feeling overwhelmed by all the information available about how to land a remote gig.

As a remote entrepreneur, I have a tendency to get stuck with the nitty-gritty behind learning different skills in order to become a successful online worker too. From branding to social media marketing, there is just too much information to process.

However, it’s pointless to move at rocket speed if you’re moving in the wrong direction.

Hence, it is critical that you don’t get overly obsessed with all the tiny detail. Have a clear big picture strategy that you’re constantly referring to with regards to remote work as you iron out the details.

You will be surprised by the number of wannabe remote workers and entrepreneurs who don’t actually have a big-picture plan when it comes to finding a remote gig.

Before they know it, years have passed and they are still nowhere despite working so hard to find online work.

The reason? No direction. That’s why having a big-picture plan is absolutely essential for every remote worker. 

There are simple strategies that will help you get out of your own way and make the progress you want to make.

This is where The Offbeat Member’s Club comes in…

The Offbeat Member’s Club is for wannabe remote entrepreneurs and workers who want to achieve incredible things, build successful online businesses, and live a location independent lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, challenging, and frustrating, which is why we’ve created The Offbeat Member’s Club, so you can keep moving forward and have the support, inspiration, and accountability to help you.

Each month we release incredible content to really help you make a ton of progress and reach your goals. Some of the topics will include:

  • Goal setting that will help you crush your mission
  • Branding techniques that will allow you to stand out
  • Social Media Marketing to help you grow your reach
  • Negotiation techniques that will lead you to create sustainable income
  • And much more.

Each month we will send you exciting guides and step-by-step checklists that will help crush your goals in no time.

Every month we’ll be hosting a Masterclass with a leading expert who will give you incredible insights and you can ask any questions you like.

But most importantly, you will have access to like-minded individuals who can give you the right support, get feedback, and accountability that you need in order to succeed. You don’t have to be alone in this important journey, we’re all here for each other to help each other, so come and join us!

So, start walking in the right direction, and becoming a remote worker is nearer than you think it is. 🙂

This is a community that will help you get to a freedom lifestyle if you actually follow it!

As they say, it’s easy to get lost in the bushes… but not when you are part of The Offbeat Member’s Club.


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