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Offbeat Travel: Planning Your Next Digital Nomad Travel Adventures The Easy Way

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Digital nomads are always on the lookout for their next big adventure. However, planning these adventures and making sure they go as smoothly as possible can be rough. Below, we’ll talk about planning your next trip the easy way so you can work and travel seamlessly.

Deciding Where to Go For Work And Travel

When deciding where to go, it’s important to consider what you’d like to do on your trip. You’ll be working, so you’re going to need a variety of places nearby; libraries, internet cafes, co working spaces, and similar places can help. Then, consider what you want to do when you’re not working. Is it a specific type of activity you’re interested in? Maybe you just want pure beach relaxation, or maybe you want to be able to surf, scuba drive, and take part in lots of other water sports. Maybe you want great shopping, or food. Make sure you consider what it is you envision for your adventure.

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Also think about whether you’re looking for serious adventure or something a little softer during your downtime? You could do extreme sports or simple hikes. Your accommodation can make a big difference to how productive you are on your trip. You’ll want wi-fi, or the ability to access the internet in some way – hostels and hotels will need to be vetted first to ensure they are suitable for work. You might even choose to stay in a condo like one from or a villa if you want more privacy, but make sure you enquire about wi-fi or consider taking a dongle.

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Assessing Your Experience and Skills

If you want to take risks on your trip, you’re going to want to assess your experience and skill. Make sure you seriously consider what is reasonable to expect of yourself while you’re planning on working and traveling, and what you’ll still enjoy even though it might be tough. You will want to make sure you have enough time to complete your work and then enjoy the day. You might even need to get used to working at night time. Whatever you choose, you’re going to need to be committed, determined, and flexible. If this is your first adventure as a digital nomad, it’s probably best to head somewhere for a low intensity trip, and be prepared to take your time in one place.


Budgeting is crucial if you want to have the best time, even if you’ll be earning while you’re away. Consider the following:

    • How much will you likely be able to work/earn while you travel?
    • How much do you want to spend over the course of your trip?
    • What are you comfortable with spending on food/drink/activities?
    • Will you be buying souvenirs, or booking expensive/unexpected things when you’re out there?
  • What do other travelers recommended you plan to spend?

Thinking about the above will ensure you have enough cash and have the best time without worrying about it.

Visa Requirements

Read up ahead of time to find out what the visa requirements are for the place you’re planning on staying and working. It will depend on your nationality, where you’re going, what type of job you plan on doing, and other factors. Do extensive research to make sure you have everything in place before you travel.

Are you ready to plan your next (or even your first) digital nomad adventure? Leave a comment!

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