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Extended: How to create and market the right digital products for your business with Matthew Kepnes

Listen Below:

What you’ll find:

How to find the right products to sell to their audience. 

  • ask audience what your audience wants, create a readers survey and figure out their pain points. 
  • Once you find out their problems, you can find the solution and create the right products. 

-become person they can trust.

Which products do you actually try to sell to your audience?

-It is again finding out what your audience needs are and how you can solve their issues and what they want. 

How to find the right pricing for your products?

-figure out what other people are pricing their products and structure your pricing from there. 

How do you market your products?

-Get on as many different platforms and talk about your products, talk about it frequently. 

-Be persistent and post as much as possible. 

Get the full interview with Matt where he shares how to travel smarter and create a travel empire!

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