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Extended: How to find an online business community while traveling.

Here are the incredible tips that Jacqui shares on how to find an online business community while traveling.

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Why is it important to have an online business community while traveling?

  • Having a community is important so you can get the support and direction from others.

What can you expect when you find these communities?

    • You can expect people who will be knowledgeable in a lot of subjects.
  • Being able to meet and talk to people who is in a similar niche and can give you solid advice.

How do you know that the e-courses you buy are the right ones for you?

    • Research and look at the reviews from people who have already taken the courses.
    • Check out their facebook group and look at other peoples experiences in order to find out if you can trust who you are buying and learning from.
  • Research if they are reliable and honest.

How can you find the best business communities?

  • The best place to find it is through facebook groups

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