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Extended: How to write well for online content with Sandra Muller.

Here are the incredible tips that Sandra shares on how to write well for online content.


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In this episode:

How do you build confidence as a writer?

  • Do not be too hard on yourself and your work.
  • Write like no one is reading and it will give you more confidence in the long run.

How to get clarity with your content or audience.

  • Know who you are writing for by narrowing your focus.

How to get your audience to look at your content.

  • Cross posting can be helpful to get an audience from different platforms.
  • Posting your content in platforms that have ready made audience (tumblr, linkedin, medium).

How to develop a brand voice.

  • You must know who you are, your audience and being authentic.

Check out the full interview with Sandra on how to be a location independent content strategist. 

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