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50 Online Jobs for Students Looking to Earn Some Extra Cash

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

With tuition costs as high as they have ever been, and still on the rise, it’s no wonder that students are looking for extra sources of income to supplement their full-time jobs as students.

While there is always the option to wait until you’ve finished school to start paying back loans, the interest rates are extremely high.

It is getting harder and harder for fresh graduates to score a gig directly out of college unless they have some form of experience.

A combination of these factors has left many a student broke, without work and dependent on their parents for support, however, this doesn’t have to be the case.

The internet and the job force have shifted from taking up full days of your time to offering options for online jobs for students that pay and give you the flexibility you need to create a little supplemental income.

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Flexible Online Jobs From Home for Students of all Skill Levels

Compiled below is a list of 50 different online jobs for students needing to make some money to pay off loans and gain their independence.

Some of these jobs do require at least a minimal degree or skill level, but not all!

Even better, while some of these easy jobs are nothing but a few cents for completing surveys, the good majority, like teaching English, are real professions that pay far above the minimum wage. These online positions could potentially lead to more too.

If you are a design student, for example, you could be offering simple logo graphics on a site like Fiverr, in doing so, you would be making money while also building your future portfolio in the process.

Such odd work may seem like a laughable option compared to a full-time, career-oriented job, but these are perfect for students because of the flexibility they provide.

Research thoroughly the different types of positions available that you qualify for to start immediately earning extra money to put towards that looming college fund.

Ready to begin? Below are the 50 Online Jobs From Home for Students Looking to Earn Some Extra Cash.


  • Paid research studies
  • Work when you are free
  • No skills required, simply apply to studies that you qualify for
  • Average participant earns approximately $140/hour with 30-minute interviews

2. Berlitz

  • Teach English online to students around the world
  • Average pay but you do need an ESL certificate to qualify
  • Make your own schedule

3. Swagbucks

  • Work on your own time browsing the web, watching videos, and shopping
  • Low pay but anyone can do it and earn a little extra on normal everyday tasks

4. GigBucks

  • Multiple jobs from logo design to data entry
  • Pays $5-$50 per task
  • Create your own profile and offers or apply for jobs that you have the skills for

5. Vipkids

  • Teach English to students in China
  • College degree required
  • Higher-end of the pay scale per hour
  • Must be able to work at least 7.5 hours a week


  • Get paid to take surveys online anytime you want
  • Fill out your demographic information and work on surveys that become available to you
  • Anyone can apply

7.  TranscribeMe

  • Avg. $15-$25 per transcription
  • Complete training and exam course and more jobs become available
  • Work on your own schedule


  • Make your own schedule and tutor kindergarteners to adults in your desired subject
  • You set your pay, but you must have a college degree to apply

9. Etsy

  • Automated e-commerce platform where you can sell unique items and hand made goods from the comfort of your home.

10. Appen Butler Hill

  • Complete multiple small tasks as a search engine evaluator to enhance search engine results
  • You don’t need a college degree but you will have to pass a qualification test when applying
  • Good English and computer skills required
  • Work whenever you want at least 1-4 hours per day and 5-7 days a week
online jobs for students

11. GreenPanthera

  • Get cash back for completing online surveys and polls
  • Work whenever you want and as much as you like
  • Pay varies by completed task without a cap

12. Listverse

  • An online publication for writers to  submit listicle type articles as often as they like
  • Pay is okay, but the article has to be accepted
  • For students looking to become writers, the byline is credible

13. Tester Work

  • Anyone can complete a profile and work whenever they like to test apps and websites
  • Pay varies by project and you will receive invites to work on projects based on your QA assessment


  • A publication for writers who love to travel
  • Must submit well written and grammatically correct content
  • Pay $100-$150 per approved article

15. LionBridge

  • Evaluate search engine queries on your own schedule
  • Limit to 20 hours a week
  • Pay approximately $12/hour

16.  Triond

  • A guest blogging site that allows you to earn money from ads on your articles
  • Anyone can write and submit quality articles that are then eligible for pay if accepted
  • Pay varies on how many people see your article

17. SurveyJunkie

  • Work whenever you want
  • Pay varies but is instantly deposited after each completed survey


  • Great pay for writers
  • Extensive acceptance process

19. Shmoop

  • Teachers can complete writing tasks from home, like student study guides
  • Available for those with a teaching background
  • Good pay but intensive writing work

20. Brainfuse

  • Work as a tutor online in a variety of subjects
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Pay is minimum wage


  • Tutor students of all levels after passing assessment and completing profile
  • Flexible schedule, Wyzant takes 40% of tutor pay, so you have to set your own margins appropriately

22. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Complete easy tasks for Amazon, like article writing, reviews or translating
  • Pay is anywhere from $.05-$20 per completed task
  • Work whenever and however you want

23. Flippa

  • Work for yourself buying and reselling websites
  • A lot of research involved and a small learning curve
  • Need a little cash to start but you’d be your own boss


  • If you often use software and have an opinion about it, then this site is for you
  • Write a review and earn up to $50


  • Flexible work schedule for all skill levels and crafts
  • Apply to all sorts of jobs after completing the profile of your skills

26. WriterBay

  • For writers with a degree and expertise in their field
  • Decent pay with specialty fields having more opportunities
  • Work as much as you want


  • A fun one for anyone with a knack for coming up with creative domain names and slogans
  • Work on your own schedule and submit ideas to queries
  • Get paid if your idea is chosen anywhere from $20-$50


  • Anyone can sign up for free and complete tasks for search engines like proofreading, app testing, search testing, etc.
  • Work whenever you want and as much as you want
  • No skills required but you need to pass the assessment
  • Pay varies

29. Grabpoints

  • Another app that lets you complete tasks like surveys and writings to earn a few extra points
  • Work whenever and on whatever you want
  • Low pay

30.  Fiverr

  • Offer up any of your unique skills, like graphic designs, for $5
  • Anyone can sign up and work as much or little as they want

31. Cambly

  • Hiring native English speakers to video chat with students over their smartphones to learn English
  • Approx. $.17/minute and no degree required


  • For writers looking to get a little extra work
  • Constant workflow


  • Looking for elite transcribers
  • Must pass a test and be accepted but they work on your schedule
  • Specialty fields, like medical, may qualify for better pay


  • Blogging opportunities for writers to apply to
  • Work as much as you want but you must have good writing and grammar skills
  • Pay varies by job

35. Funds for Writers

  • Online publication that you can submit articles to about making a living writing
  • ‘Pay around $50/article
  • Must have good writing and grammar


  • Decent pay for writers
  • Must submit pitches to open-ended jobs

37. Quicktate

  • A rigorous application process with test
  • Transcribe whenever you want
  • Pay varies by length of transcription

38. Dreamstime

  • Photographers can earn money off stock images by submitting them here
  • Can upload as much as you want following their strict requirements
  • The more downloads you get the more you get paid

39. Shopify

  • For the entrepreneurs that want to set up their own drop shipping business
  • Steep learning curve and initial investment

40. Wisebread

  • An online publication accepting submissions from writers with knowledge on credit cards and personal finance
  • You must be accepted and submit queries to get paid

41. Chegg

  • Sign in whenever you are free to tutor students of all subjects
  • Paid weekly but you must be enrolled in school

42. The Dollar Stretcher

  • For writers that want to talk about savings, an area most college students have experience in
  • Decent pay at $.10/word if your pitch is accepted

43. Google Adsense

  • For those with a blog, you can add affiliate links and earn money every time someone buys through your link
  • Anyone can start a blog and write as much or little as they want
  • Small initial startup costs and a lot of hours need to be put in to get decent traffic

44. Qkids

  • Teach English to 4 to 12-year-old kids in China
  • $16-$20/hour
  • Minimum of an associates education is required
  • Make your own schedule, they provide all the materials

45. Shutterstock

  • For photographers with a lot of extra photos
  • Submit them to the site and you will earn royalties whenever your photos are used


  • Categorial admission test
  • Low pay but great for beginners looking to create a writing portfolio

47. Diondata Solutions

  • Must be able to type 60 WPM or higher, meet deadlines and multitask to be able to work for this data entry company
  • Pay around $15/hour

48.  ClixSense

  • Anyone can complete surveys and offers and earn a little extra cash on their own time
  • Low pay but you can work as much as you want


  • Work as little or as much as you want to transcribe all sorts of recordings
  • Must have proper English grammar as you have to take a test and submit a transcription sample before being accepted

50. Tutorme

  • A tutoring site that provides on-demand tutoring and online courses.
  • You can earn $16/h (plus bonuses).
  • Must be enrolled in or graduated from an accredited university.
  • Must be 18 years of age to apply.

While this is a highly comprehensive list with a multitude of options for finding online jobs for college students, this is by no means all the internet has to offer.

Working online can range from one a daily hour-long task to a full-time career, and these here are just going to get you started.

The extra work you may have to put in at first to research, apply, create profiles and then learn the ropes to each of these positions may take a little extra effort, but the results are worth it.

Starting out in the workforce with a large amount of debt puts a huge strain on an already stressful situation, and unless you get your money under control quickly, it will only go downhill.

Finding online work that allows you flexibility and the chance to enhance your job skills is crucial to today’s college student. Online work from home jobs will put you far ahead in the game.

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