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25 In-Demand Online Skills You Can Learn Online

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Learning online skills is becoming more and more popular.

People are choosing to work remotely at a faster rate because of the flexible hours, no commute, and the ability to set their own schedule.

But if you are just starting out, it can be confusing to learn what you need to land remote jobs.

The good news is that you can learn these skills on your own time and at your own pace!

Online education platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and others make it easy to find courses taught by experts for any skill you want to learn.

You can even take some classes completely free! 

We’ll show how easy it is to get started on learning them right now so that you can put yourself one step ahead of your competition.

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Benefits of learning online skills

If you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t give you a lot of freedom, learning how to work online can be a great way to earn more money and spend time doing the things you love.

That is why it is so important to learn the skills you need to land remote jobs in a growing market.

We probably don’t have to convince you to start working remotely, but if you still need a little push…

Here are the top benefits to learning online skills and working from home:

Less time commuting

Many of us spend hours of our day commuting to and from work.  

When you work online, you don’t have to do that!  

You can work from home, at a co-working space, or even on the beach!


When you work online, you are in complete control of your schedule.  

You choose when and where to work.  

So if you need to take time off or travel, you can do that with ease knowing your work schedule will still be intact.

More time with family

Many people work so much they don’t have time to spend with their family.  

How sad is that?  

Learning online skills allows you to set your own hours so you never miss another soccer game or school play again!

More time for travel

If you’ve always wanted to retire early or take a sabbatical, one of the best ways to do that is by working online.  

When you work online, your hours and schedule are completely flexible — allowing you to pack up and travel the world whenever you want!

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Remote Resume Guide

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25 In-Demand Online Skills You Need to Learn

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of learning online skills, let’s get into the details of what these skills are and how you can get started learning them today!

1. Freelance Writing

If you want to work online and be your own boss, then becoming a freelance writer is one of the best ways to do that.

You can write blog posts, articles, and even social media posts to help companies grow their brand.

This is one of the most popular online skills right now because everyone on the internet needs them!  

Many new startups are looking for writers with experience writing great content on these topics:







It is a really lucrative job that can pay you up to 6 figures a year, you can check out our podcast interview with freelance writer Joni Sweet to get an idea of what a day in the life of a writer is like!

2. Graphic Design

If you have a creative eye and love working with technology, then learning graphic design is a great option to work from home.

There are so many opportunities for designers — whether it’s making a logo for a client or designing a layout for their website.

Many people start with designing book covers, Facebook headers, and logos to build awareness for their business.

As you continue creating designs and gaining experience, you can charge higher fees and apply your skills to more complicated projects like:

E-book covers

Facebook ads banners

Business cards

Landing pages

Magazine ads

You can learn graphic design online from a variety of sources.

We recommend checking out Skillshare, and Coursera for great tutorials on this topic.

It can be an online skill that will give you a ton of freedom, listen to this episode with remote graphic designer Marco Vanini to learn how to makes a lucrative income as a creative.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best online skills to learn right now.

Every company needs help promoting their brand and content marketing managers are in high demand!

You can work remotely for small businesses, larger brands, or even launch your own business.

Content marketing lets you take advantage of the power of storytelling to promote a product or service.

It is no longer good enough to simply have a great product/service, you need to tell your story.

This means not just focusing on what makes your business great but also why you’re different, what sets you apart from the competition, and how you can improve people’s lives.

You can find online courses on Udemy or Skillshare to learn content marketing today!

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you love marketing and understanding how people find content online, SEO is one of the best online skills to learn.

SEO lets you take advantage of the power of Google’s algorithms with links, keywords, CTR (Click-through rate), and more.

It can help you grow your brand or business by improving your chances of being found in searches.

You can work from home as a digital marketing freelancer specializing in SEO.

Or you could launch your own agency and have clients all over the world!

There are a ton of great courses on Coursera, Udemy, and more that will teach you everything you need to know about this online skill.

5. Data Analytics

There has never been more data available to us than there is right now and the role of a data analyst is crucial for companies who want to know how their business is doing.

You can work with sales, marketing, ad agencies, or IT firms to help them understand what’s happening in their sales funnel.

A data analyst needs to know how to analyze data, collaborate with teams, and determine the best way to present data to their client or company.

To learn these online skills you will need to master Excel and learn how to effectively communicate with others.

6. Social Media Marketing

Statistics show that 77% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertisement.

And social media platforms have grown to hold an incredible amount of power in our society.

If you love learning the latest trends, staying ahead of the curve, and being a part of these communities then social media marketing is a great option for work from home jobs.

This online skill will have you working with companies to help them build their social media presence, create engaging content, and drive sales.

You can do this from anywhere in the world!

There are a ton of great courses on HubSpot Academy, and Google Digital Garage to learn how to master all aspects of social media marketing.

7. Customer Service

Customers are the most important part of any business and companies need help making sure their customers are happy.

Customer service is a 24/7 job that you can do from anywhere in the world!

This online skill will have you working with all sorts of different people, whether it’s helping them solve their technical problems or staying calm while talking to an upset customer.

It takes emotional intelligence to be a good customer service agent.

Satisfaction is crucial for any business and businesses use customer testimonies as marketing tools.

To learn customer service skills you will need to be able to think on your feet, deal with any kind of person or situation, and be open-minded.

7. Language skills

If you’re bilingual, trilingual, or even just able to understand a second language there are so many great online jobs in the translation industry.

You can work in-house for a company or agency teaching skills and helping others learn different languages!

Translators have one of the most important jobs in the world.

A translator has to be able to understand the words that are being spoken, choose the most accurate words in your own language, and then speak them back into another language.

This is why many translators also know how to edit their work since there can always be mistakes!

To gain language skills you will need to study your target language, practice speaking it aloud, and learn how to deal with any kind of subject matter.

You can practice your skills with language apps like HelloTalk, Duolingo, or italki.

9. Coding

If you’ve ever had a computer or mobile device then you have used coding.

It’s everywhere!

Coding is the backbone of any application, website, game, and more.

And while some coders are able to work on teams others prefer to work alone and create something new without any input from others.

To learn coding skills you will need to practice your problem-solving skills, know how to use multiple programming languages, and have an open mind for change.

You can learn HTML/CSS on Treehouse as well as Python and JavaScript with CodeAcademy.

online skills

10. Project Management

Project management helps people organize their time, manage a team, and stay on the same page.

It’s a great online skill because it allows you to work from anywhere in the world while directing your projects remotely!

This online skill will have you working with teams who are updating each other about deadlines, checking in to make sure everything is going according to plan, and making sure everyone is on the same page.

To gain this skill you will need to be an excellent communicator, plan ahead, stay organized, and work well with others.

11. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great online skill that helps you connect with your audience and stay in touch.

It’s also used to create newsletters or provide updates about sales events that will help businesses earn more income.

To gain this skill you will need to have a wide range of knowledge on different topics, be able to write emails that engage people to take action, and understand marketing strategies.

12. Accounting

Accounting is an essential online skill for any business owner.

Business owners need to know that their company is operating as profitably and efficiently as possible and that’s why they hire accountants to take care of the numbers.

They might not be able to do it all themselves but they can oversee everything and make sure that their accountant is doing a good job at handling the company’s money.

To gain accounting skills you will need to know how to use Quickbooks, understand double-entry bookkeeping practices, and be able to work with numbers.

13. Photoshop

You might not think about Photoshop when you’re using your favorite photo editing app on your phone, but the truth is you are using tools similar to Photoshop.

The same goes for making 3D models, creating complex animations, and adding special effects to your videos.

To gain Photoshop skills you will need to know how to work with layers, understand the fundamentals of photo editing, and be willing to try out new tools.

You can learn more about Photoshop on Udemy.

14. Video Editing

Video editing is an important online skill for anyone who wants to share their knowledge with the world.

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video then you know how easy it is to upload videos and share them with others.

But what happens after the video has been filmed?

That’s where video editing comes in!

You’ll use your video editing skills to edit the video down to only what’s necessary, decide which parts of the video should be highlighted, work with background music or voiceovers, and much more.

To gain this skill you will need to have excellent technical knowledge about videos, know how to use Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X, and have a good eye for detail.


WordPress is a very popular tool used to build websites.

It’s free to use, easy to learn, and can be connected with many other online tools.

This makes WordPress the perfect place for businesses to build their website without having to pay an arm and a leg for web hosting or hiring someone else to design their site.

To gain WordPress skills you will need to know how to install a WordPress website, customize the look and feel using a theme or a child theme, and be willing to learn new skills.

16. User Experience Design

User experience design is all about designing a website or an app in a way that makes it easy and enjoyable for the user.

Since businesses want their customers to be repeat customers, they invest in creating a great user experience from the moment you land on their site to the moment you decide to make a purchase.

To gain this skill you will need to understand the basics of web design and be able to write HTML.

You can learn more about UX design on Skillshare.

online skills

17. Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet tool made for businesses to be able to organize data into tables.

From simple data like names and phone numbers to more complicated data from marketing metrics or company financials, Excel is the way for companies to keep track of their information.

To gain this skill you will need solid organizational skills, know how to create complex formulas in Excel, and have a desire to learn all the features offered by this tool.

Visit Coursera to gain Excel skills.

18. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track your website visitors and see where they are coming from, how long they spend on the site, what type of browser or device they use, and so much more!

To gain this skill you will need to understand how website owners can use Google Analytics to track the performance of their site, know how to create goals in Google Analytics for tracking success, and be able to set up custom reports.

You can learn more in an online course held on Google Analytics Academy.

19. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is another popular design tool that you can use to edit photos or design logos, icons, fonts, or sketches.

You might be thinking that using Adobe Illustrator is only for designers but that’s not true!

If you have a logo that needs to be edited or a photo that you want to add text to, then Illustrator is the tool for you.

To gain this skill you will need solid computer graphics knowledge and be able to follow along with detailed online tutorials.

20. Web Design

Web design is the process of designing and coding the front-end of a website.

Many businesses don’t have the time or knowledge to build a custom website from scratch.

That’s where web design comes in!

Web designers take the information that businesses give them and work it into a beautiful layout using their coding skills.

To gain this skill you will need a strong background in both graphic design and coding in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A few places you can learn web design are Code Academy and General Assembly.

21. Audio editing

Audio editing is a skill that can be used in many areas.

Maybe you want to create your own podcast, record an audiobook, or maybe even make a song!

Then you’ll need to know how to edit and mix your audio so it sounds professional.

To gain this skill you will need a working knowledge of recording equipment and microphones, be able to competently use software like Audacity or GarageBand, and the ability to learn new skills.

You can find many online courses on Lynda that will teach you how to edit audio.

22. Proofreading

Proofreading is the last step before you publish an article or a blog post.

It’s when you go through your writing to check for accuracy and any spelling or grammar mistakes that might have been missed during the editing process.

Many businesses like to hire freelancers who can proofread and edit their work to make sure it’s perfect before they send it off.

To gain this skill you will need strong English skills, excellent reading comprehension, and the ability to understand written work.

You can practice proofreading online with the help of Grammarly and make sure to check out this comprehensive guide to help you get started as a proofreader.

23. App development

App development is a skill that’s become more and more popular over the past several years.

There are several types of apps that you can develop from web apps to games.

And many companies need app developers who can build their apps for iOS, Android, or Windows.

To gain this skill you will need solid computer programming knowledge and experience with different app development software like Swift or Objective-C.

If you’re interested in learning more about app development, take a look at the online courses offered by Udemy.

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24. Sales

Sales is an important skill that employers are always looking for in remote workers.

If you have a persuasive personality, enjoy working with people one on one, and are good at communicating then sales could be the perfect fit for you.

To gain this skill you will need strong communication skills, superior listening skills, the ability to ask the right questions, and the confidence to talk about your product.

You can learn more by enrolling in an online course on Skillshare.

25. Resume skills

Resume skills are very important for remote workers who want to land a job.

It’s your first impression when applying for work and having solid resume writing skills will help you get hired fast.

To gain this knowledge you will need excellent written English and communication, an understanding of how to format a resume, the ability to find the right keywords for online job applications, and knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for.

You can learn more by taking this free work online workshop by Andrea Valeria that shares not only the right skills you need to land a job but also how to create a compelling resume.

In-demand online skills: Key Takeaways

There’s a growing demand for remote workers and more companies are using freelance employees to get more done in less time with better results.

This means they need people who have specific skills so they can find the right person fast.

Here are some key takeaways about in-demand online skills:

  • Have a plan on how you’re going to learn the skills that will help you get hired for your desired remote job.
  • Online courses offer a great way to learn at your own time and pace.
  • Focus on building one skill in depth before moving on to the next one.
  • And try to master your skills before you start looking for remote jobs in order to get the best hiring results!   

You might not need all of these skills to get hired but learning one or two could give you a great edge over other applicants.

Today more and more companies are hiring remote workers so don’t miss out on these opportunities!  

Take action on what you’ve learned today and you’ll be on your way to landing remote jobs in no time.

Now it’s time to go out there and get the skills you need to start making money!


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