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Ultimate Guide to Getting Paid for Reading Email

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In recent years, having new sources of income has been a necessity. No longer are freelance work considered unstable, but are sought after by many.

There are a ton of online gigs out there to choose from, but if you are a beginner remote worker, it can be a difficult process to find the right job for you. 

One remote job that stands out for newbies is to get paid by reading emails since there are many sites dedicated to helping people earn that income stream.

Why would anyone pay someone to do this task, you ask?

Well, people get paid for reading email because businesses want you to do the tedious tasks and make their work more efficient.

And there are many of these companies who will pay you to do the tasks that they would like to delegate.

Getting paid by reading emails is an excellent way to start earning side cash online, and these micro jobs will continue being popular for years to come.

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Why is getting paid by reading emails becoming more popular?

They’re flexible and will allow you more freedom to work from home -there’s no traveling involved, and you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic and other common problems with driving/commuting.

Accessibility – Many of the websites that provide this income opportunity work well on any device. You can use your desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC, or smartphone to get things done.

Easy payment – The most common payment method is PayPal, or sometimes these sites can also accommodate direct bank deposits.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to get paid by reading emails, check out the sites and companies below!


Definitely one of the older and well-established sites to get paid for reading email is InboxDollars, where you can get paid for reading online correspondence. 

InboxDollars has widened its reach in recent years, and you can also earn money from shopping online, taking commercial surveys, watching online videos, and playing online games.

InboxDollars regularly partners with national brands like Walmart, Netflix, and Target to get great offers to people’s inboxes, too.


Swagbucks has paid out more than five million dollars to its active users, and it is one of the most beloved platforms for making small side cash online.

It’s ‘easy’ in the sense that the micro-tasks are never complicated, and it’s going to take only a few minutes each time.

Swagbucks can help you get paid by reading emails, taking surveys (all paid), and watching trailers. There are other exciting things to do on the app, so make sure you check them out.

Swagbucks has a points system where 100 Swagbucks gives you an equivalent of five dollars.

There may be some variations in the point system from time to time, but this is the average ratio for points and actual cash payouts.

This platform primarily provides paid surveys, but they also have some email jobs where you can earn from signing up with partners.

Usually, it involves signing up for digital newsletters, reports, trial offers, and sometimes you can even get beneficial coupons. 

There are additional income opportunities as well, from watching online videos to just playing games for free. pays its members in various ways, from reward points to PayPal cash and gift cards. You get $0.01 for every one hundred points that you earn on the platform.

You may cash out your points any time. They do not put a minimum amount for withdrawal.


MyPoints is dedicated entirely to help you get paid by reading emails. Email opens, and link clicks earn you cash on the site – five points each time.

If you want more points and more cash in the process, you can always use your MyPoints Points Perks on the site itself to get extra value from your work.

Eventually, all your efforts translate to more income for you at the end of the month.

Like similar sites, businesses regularly partner with UniqPaid to bring various offers to possible customers.

Members are commonly sent deals, content, and promotional offers.

You can start earning money on UniqPaid by reading emails, shopping, and completing paid surveys.

The rates vary, but you can expect at least $0.05 to up to $1.50 for every micro-task on the site.

Payments are paid through a check, Bitcoin, PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.


You need a minimum amount of $5 to withdraw your earnings through a check, but if you are using e-payment channels, there’s no minimum at all.

Withdraw everything at once if you want and get your payments immediately.

 Vindale Research

Vindale Research functions a lot like InboxDollars, and the interface is very similar as well.

You have to register on the site to earn money by reading emails that Vindale Research will be sending you.

They’ve made the process of earning cash online very simple, and each open corresponds to dollars, not points.

The goal of Vindale Research is to get as much consumer feedback as possible from every email blast.

You can also get side cash from your Vindale Research gigs by referring a friend (this earns you five dollars), and you can also opt in to testing different products and answering paid surveys.

Every bit of work that you do on Vindale Research earns you cash.

SBKC Center

While the SBKC Center is not entirely focused on helping you earn money by reading emails, it is in the same domain.

SBKC Center helps businesses conduct different studies that determine trends or fads related to direct marketing.

This organization needs your email (and junk email), so they conduct their research correctly.

Members are called Consumer Panelists and essentially, what you need to do is forward to the SBKC Center your junk mail.

Every six to ten weeks, the organization pays its members twenty dollars for their effort. You can refer friend or take available paid surveys on the organization’s site to get additional cash.


InboxPays is another platform that provides a focused system for reading emails. The emails will come daily, so there is always a chance to add to your total before withdrawing your earnings.

Get paid to read emails without investment. InboxPays pays up to $0.25 for every email that you open and read, which is higher than what many other platforms offer their members.

However, the downside is you need to accumulate a total of $25 before you can start withdrawing your earnings. Which is lower than what other platforms require during payouts.


DailyRewards is the counterpart of InboxDollars in Canada, and the interface and types of tasks available to members are also similar.

You get paid to read emails without investment here, too. You can earn money from doing things you already do to get in-app credits when you download games and other apps.

You can play mini-games, answer paid surveys and yes, let’s not forget the core of this blog, which is reading emails for cash!

Every time you open an email from DailyRewards, the platform fills your account with a few cents at a time.


If Canada has DailyRewards, the United Kingdom has InboxPounds. The rules are the same, as well as how they pay members for participating.

You make money reading emails. And like DailyRewards and InboxDollars, there are also additional small tasks that you can do to make more money using the InboxPounds system.

What’s great about InboxPounds is that they have awesome surveys that are varied, so things don’t get boring for members.

InboxPounds encourages people to sign up by offering a small sign-up bonus of £1.

All these platforms encourage referrals from their members.

If you get someone to be active, you are can receive special commission equivalent to 30% of what your friends earn over the lifetime of their accounts on InboxPounds, as they make money reading emails.



There are many money-making tasks on this platform, and you can pre-select what you want to do to start making income.

If you don’t like to be paid for reading email (which we doubt), you can complete paid surveys from their partners or play online games instead.

Expect at least one to three emails every 24 hours from FusionCash. However, some of these emails will not be paid since they are FusionCash promotional emails (internal promotions).

We love this platform because they’re very transparent with how you can get more money while on the platform.

Other sites use a multi-page strategy, so people don’t get discouraged, but with FusionCash, they tell you upfront what it will take to earn money on the site.

This information will help you decide if the time and effort are worth it. An added bonus is that FusionCash accepts members as young as 13 years old!

 Unique Rewards

While Unique Rewards isn’t the only site offering money to be paid for reading Email, it’s still worth checking out.

Unique Rewards is a good site if you are interested in getting your payouts through PayPal and not through other means of payments, like reward points or gift cards.

If it’s cold, hard cash that you need, then Unique Rewards is the best platform to visit.

One unique aspect of Unique Rewards is they allow for payments to be sent by mail. You can also ask for your payment to be sent via check if that’s your preference.

paid for reading email

 Paid to Read Email

Despite the name, this platform offers more than just a place to be paid to read emails for businesses. Paid to Read Email also has paid surveys.

The upside to using this platform is they pay via PayPal, instead of collecting points for limited redemption options.

The payout limit of Paid to Read Email is also lower than its competitors – you can get your cash when you accumulate at least $15.


Cash4Offers offers multiple ways to make money online. The primary method is to get paid by reading emails.

Members can get two emails, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden influx of offers and emails. To first-timers, that can be overwhelming.

You need to do two things to claim your cash reward – open and read the email and then click the confirmation link included in the Email. The cash reward is automatically transferred to your Cash4Offers account.

Unfortunately, Cash4Offers will only work if you are a US citizen. If you live outside of the United States, try the other sites we mentioned in this post.  

There are so many ways to make money online – but you need to have the time to find them and the courage to sign up.

Some people have the free time but feel that the tasks will be too complicated for them. Well, they’re not.

Folks who can spend more time on these tasks just because they love the process make a decent amount of money.

Maybe not thousands of dollars, but enough to add to your savings for more challenging times. 

Below are our three final tips for getting paid to read emails:

1. We don’t recommend using your email for these jobs. You will get a lot of messages in the process, which might interfere with your regular work emails and personal emails.

Plus, it’s going to be a pain to scroll through endless messages to find more critical emails in your inbox.

2. Since many of these sites pay in points, it’s a good idea to sign up on several platforms to multiply your earnings every month.

3. Be sure to perform additional actions like clicking on links and subscribing to free stuff when you receive the emails. These other actions are paid and will increase your income.

So make sure to take advantage of these sites and start earning the extra cash today! 

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