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40+ Highest paying apps that allow you to work from home

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Let’s face it. Having some extra cash for nights out or for paying bills would be great. But, most of us shudder at the thought of getting a second job.

The massive time constraints, the long days and hours, and feeling run down after an already busy day is enough to stop any thoughts on getting that second job.

But what about being able to create income from home by using a money making app?

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Our mobile devices are already a major part of our daily life. Most people are constantly on the phone while commuting to work, waiting for an appointment, or just killing time.

Since you are already on your phone, why not make that time work for you and earn some money. There are a number of apps that pay cash for using them.

Don’t know what we mean? Keep reading below and we’ll tell you how you can start making extra income without having to leave the house and you may even have fun doing it it too!

Make Money With Shopping Apps

We all go shopping online and enjoy dining out. So, why not earn some money at the same time while doing the things you normally do?

Well, the below apps pay will pay you to dine out!


If you’re looking for an easy app that pays you money, then Pei is perfect for you. Rather than going through an app to make online purchases, with Pei you automatically get cashback on qualified purchases just by using your credit card.

All you need to do is link your credit card to Pei securely using encryption and two-factor authentication, and then go shopping with that credit card.

The only time you need to check the app is to see how much you have in cashback. You can cash out to PayPal after you have $25 in your account.


Formally known as Ebates, Rakuten offers you cashback for shopping online. Once you sign up, use their app to go to any of the 2,500 retailers listed and start shopping.

After checkout, you receive a percentage of the sale back. It’s that easy. Rakuten even gives you cashback for eating out at restaurants and taking Lyft rides.

The cash you earn is sent to you via PayPal or check, provided that you’ve earned at least $5 during the pay period. Cash is paid out four times a year.


Another easy-to-use app that saves you money when you shop is ibotta.

Download the app, make a qualified purchase from any of their 1,500 retailers, and you get money back. But ibotta will also give you cash back for purchases made in a store.

All you need to do is take a copy of the receipt, download it into the app, and cash goes into your account. Or, you can even link your loyalty account with ibotta for even greater ease.

Once you have accumulated $20 in your account, you can transfer your funds into your PayPal account.


Dosh is very user-friendly app that gives you up to 10% cashback when you shop at any of the stores and restaurants tied to Dosh.

You need to link a credit card to the app, and then you must use that card when making purchases.

This is done with your safety in mind using multi-factor authentication and SSL encryption. Money deposited into your Dosh Wallet can then be cashed out to your bank or PayPal account.

Be Frugal

With over 5,000 retailers, Be Frugal is another popular app that offers you cash back on qualified purchases.

To make it an even better money-saving app, when you sign up for free, you automatically receive $10.

Payments can be requested via PayPal, direct deposit, or check with minimum payout amounts as low as $0.01.


If you ever had the fear of paying too much for something, then you need Paribus. This app tracks your confirmation emails from online retailers.

It then keeps an eye out on those purchases. If the price drops, you get a refund back on the original form of payment. The app even works to provide compensation for late deliveries.


Earny is one of the biggest price protection apps out there.

By tracking your purchases, Earny will notify you if the price has dropped on an item you recently purchased and get you a refund back on the credit card used for the purchase.

But you can also shop at major retailers through the Earny app and receive cashback that can be deposited into your PayPal account once you have $10.


If you heavily depend on Uber or Lyft, then this is one money earning app you need for receiving cash back.

There are two ways to earn points on FreeBird. First, any Lyft or Uber you take earns you cash. But, you must book your ride through the FreeBird app in order to get the points.

Secondly, you can take an Uber or Lyft to any participating restaurant or bar, enjoy a meal, take the ride back home and see a cash reward in your account the next day for the ride and meal. Cashback goes directly into a debit card account only.

Receipt Hog

One of the best apps to earn money fast is Receipt Hog. After downloading the app, take photos of your receipts from anywhere from the grocery store to buying electronics, and upload.

You then earn coins for each receipt and the number of coins given is based upon the dollar amount of the receipt. You need a minimum of 1,000 coins to cash out via PayPal.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a money making app that provides you with a list of offers every Thursday.

You then have a week to go shopping for those exact products. Once purchased, upload a photo of your receipt and money will be credited to your account.

When you have $20 in your account, you can request your money in the form of a check or deposit via PayPal.


The GetUpside app is great to use when filling up at the pump. At participating locations, you can earn as much as $0.25 per gallon back.

All you do is check the app for the nearest locations, claim the offer, and then snap a photo of the receipt when you finish fueling.

You’ll see the amount of cashback earned within 24 hours. You can also save 35% at participating restaurants and 15% at grocery stores. Money is deposited into your PayPal account.

Field Agent

If you have some spare time when you are out doing errands, why not check out the Field Agent app. It’s an app that can make you money by completing a request.

Check the app to see if there is any request available for a location near you. Requests vary from being a mystery shopper, completing a survey or audit, or buy and try a product.

Each request comes with its criteria and how much the job pays upon successful completion. Money earned is deposited via direct deposit.

Gig Walk

If you are looking for an app to earn some money on the side, then the Gig Walk app may be for you.

After downloading the app, check to see what quick gigs are available for you to sign up for. These gigs can take just a couple of minutes to a few hours and pay anywhere between $3 and $100.

Most gigs are from consumer retailers looking for eyes in the field to ensure that products and displays are properly presented in stores.

What you earn is then deposited into your PayPal account.

Task Rabbit

The Task Rabbit app helps turn your DIY skills into income. After downloading the app, sign up to be a tasker.

In your profile, list what skills you have from shopping, assembling furniture, painting, moving, and cleaning and list your rates.

You can then use the app to see what jobs are open around you. After completion of each job, money is provided via direct deposit.

Depending on your skills and ratings, Task Rabbit can be one of the highest paying apps for earning money.

Uber Eats

You may have used the app to have food delivered, but did you know you can use the app to become a driver?

Sign up through Uber Eats, and you can start accepting jobs. How many or how little you do is up to you.

You receive a standard fare for each delivery, and you can make tips, too. Money earned is deposited into your bank account.

Highest Paying Survey Apps

Rather than spend the day binge-watching on Netflix, take some time on these apps that pay you to complete surveys.

What you are doing is providing your opinion on market research, helping influence products and ads.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be collecting points that translate into extra cash for you. And who knows, you may just be influencing what products go to market.

Survey Junkie

Make your voice count to make a difference in products available to consumers by using the Survey Junkie app.

It’s easy to sign up, and once you have your profile established, you can immediately start taking surveys. Survey lengths vary from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.

You earn points per each survey completed, which are then converted to cash via a PayPal payout.

Google Opinion Rewards

Another app that pays you through PayPal is Google Opinion Rewards.

This is an easy-to-use app featuring short surveys that you can complete anywhere, even while waiting in line at the post office.

Points earned can be converted into cash via PayPal.

Inbox Dollars

Another app that pays you to take surveys is Inbox Dollars. Signing up guarantees $5 deposited into your account.

You earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and playing games. Points can be cashed out via your PayPal account.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a little different from other survey apps as it also awards you points even if you are disqualified from a survey. And you can even earn points through referrals.

It’s one of the easiest paying apps to use to make money. Points that you earn can be cashed out into your PayPal account.


The Pulse app allows users “to learn new things, earn extra pocket money, and get their opinions heard by brands and businesses that care.”

It is definitely not your ordinary survey app as their surveys are only as long as just three questions.

Though each survey pays under a $1, the surveys do not take much of your time. And you can cash out via your PayPal account.

My Points

My Points is a paying app that diversifies how you can earn points that can be converted into cash in your PayPal account.

You can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, shopping online at qualified retailers, and playing video games.

With lots of different options, this is one money paying app that is sure to appeal to lots of users.

Poll Pay

Another easy-to-use survey app, Poll Pay awards points per each survey you finish. You can expect to spend a few minutes to complete each one.

And you need to establish a profile so the app knows which surveys to send to you. And you can cash out to PayPal once you hit $5 in your account.


Partnering with some of the largest brands out there, Toluna gives you the platform to voice your opinion on products and services.

Keep in mind that these surveys are more involved and take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

This paying app earns you rewards for each survey completed which can be converted into cash.

Surveys on the Go

The Surveys on the Go app features fun surveys on a wide variety of topics.

The typical compensation is about $1 per survey completed. You can cash out once you hit $10 in your account.


iPoll is a simpler survey paying app that asks you to identify products your prefer and services that you use.

Points earned can then be transferred to a PayPal gift card.


Swagbucks is one of the largest survey apps available. You earn points by shopping online, watching videos (like movie trailers), and completing surveys. You can then cash out your points in the form of a PayPal gift card.

Make Money with Exercising Apps

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to work out. Well, how about earning money for every work out you do? Sounds too good to be true? Nope.

The below paying apps give you cash for working out and tracking your health.


One of the top health apps available, Achievement rewards you for your healthy habitats.

By linking with other apps you already use, Achievement awards points for working out, walking, yoga, or even inputting your meals.

For every 10,000 points earned, you can cash that in for $10 to your PayPal account.


To help motivate people to be active outdoors, the Runister app pays you for every mile you run.

Track your workouts, which must be outside, through the app and start racking up credit. Once you reach $5, you can cash out via PayPal.

To use the free version of Runister, you must also participate in a few surveys.


Wag is an app that pays real money, though the Wag app doesn’t pay you for just walking. However, it does pay you for walking a dog!

When dog owners are in a bind, they turn to Wag to find someone to walk their dog. So, you earn money for walking.

You must be at least 18, in the U.S., and able to walk for 20 minutes to apply to be a dog walker. Payments are made weekly via direct deposit.

Apps that Pay You to Play Games

If you love playing games on your mobile device, then you are going to love these paying apps. These give you money for playing games! Talk about making your past time work for you.


Want to earn while you play? Check out Lucktastic where you can win prizes, gift cards, and real rewards.

You can earn tokens as you play and save them up to be redeemed for amazing gift cards with over 30 major brands and retailers.

Download the app to start playing now through android or IOS.


Do you find yourself killing time on your phone playing games? Then download CoinPop. Simply put, this app pays you to play games.

The longer you play, the more points you accrue, and the more money you make. You can transfer points into your PayPal account starting at just $0.50. Currently, CoinPop is only available on Android.


You can’t ask for an easier way to make money if you love playing games on your phones. With the PlaySpot app, that is all you do.

Just play games (new ones added daily) and rack up coins. Your coins can then be cashed out to your PayPal account. It’s one of the easiest apps that pay you to play games.

Apps that Pay Money for Ads and TV

If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind ads or likes to binge-watch T.V., then the below-paying apps are the perfect fit.

These apps pay you for looking at ads and for studying your T.V. watching habits.


Have you ever thought about renting out the lock screen on your phone? Well, this is where SlideJoy comes in.

Once this app is downloaded, ads appear on your lock screen. For every slide you do on the ads, you earn carats which then can become cash in your PayPal account.

It’s an easy and passive way to make money from an app. But SlideJoy is available only for Android phones.


Television has become a staple in our day-to-day lives.

So, why not get paid for watching the T.V. shows that you already watch? When you start watching, sign into the Viggle app. It then listens in briefly to the show to determine what you are watching.

You receive points for the amount of time you watch T.V. And you can earn extra points by watching one of the app’s featured shows, or by participating in real-time quizzes (which also guarantees that you are actually watching).

You can cash out your points into your PayPal account.

Apps that Pay Real Money by Selling Stuff

The traditional way to make some money is to sell things you already own. But who has time to set up a yard sale or go to a swap meet?

These paying apps below make it easy for you to sell your old items for fast cash.


“The super-easy way to get CASH for your CDs, DVDs, Games, Books & Tech. Just scan your stuff and ship it for FREE!

When it arrives, you’ll get paid the next day!” The DeCluttr app is easy to navigate and makes it easy for you to scan barcodes on a variety of items. Plus, shipping is free. Payment is made via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.


Need to clear out old college textbooks? BooksCounter is a super easy paying app that does just that.

It works with many companies that specialize in college books to quickly determine the best price for your book.

You receive your money via PayPal up to three days after the delivery of your book.  


A simple app that connects local buyers and sellers, LegGo specializes in second-hand items. Got patio furniture you want to get rid of? Or how about a CD collection?

Take some photos and quickly post it on the app for buyers to see. You then work with buyers on finalizing the price and where to meet.

The amount of money you can make depends on what and how much you have to sell. But if you have enough stuff, it’s an app that pays you real money.


If you are a serious amateur photographer, you can try selling your photos through the Foap app. Once uploaded, your photos are available for brands, companies, and individuals to purchase your work.

For most photos sold, you earn $5, though there are instances where you could make more per photo. After the sale, money is transferred to your PayPal account.

Apps that Pay Cash

Now that you’ve found the best apps that will pay you while on your phone or your computer, below are several apps that will allow you to get paid fast.

There are several apps out there that forward your cash from a third party whether it be a friend, relative, or the apps above.

No need for actual cash or checks, just have these apps available, and money effortlessly comes your way that can be easily transferred into your bank account.


One of the most recognized and used apps used to send and receive money is PayPal.

From sending and receiving money from your friends and relatives, you can also pay and get payment from businesses.

And for many money paying apps on this list, PayPal is the preferred method of payout.


Not as formal as PayPal, Venmo is another app that you can use to send and receive cash payments. It’s super easy to use and it connects to your bank account.


Another easy app to use for receiving money from friends and relatives is Zelle. Just connect the app with either your Visa or MasterCard debit card, and you are set to start receiving money.

As you can see, there are plenty of apps that pay real money out there. And with so many ways to earn extra income, there is something for everyone.

Millions of people are already taking advantage of these paying apps, so now it’s your turn to get your share.

Have you started your hunt for paying apps?

Let us know how you were able to find those gigs! We would love to hear how you have been able to successfully land your remote side job. 

Make sure to comment below if you have any questions on how to start becoming location independent

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