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How To Become a Pinterest Manager

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With so many bloggers and small businesses filling the internet right now, they are generating lots of opportunities for other people to come along for the ride. And that includes Pinterest managers.

Unlike social media managers who help clients grow by managing a multitude of social media accounts, Pinterest Managers help their clients focus on using Pinterest to grow.

Rather than being a master of many different apps, you only need to know one app.

And with over 320 million monthly users, businesses and bloggers are realizing the impact of a successful Pinterest marketing strategy.

So, there has never been a better time to start your own business as a Pinterest manager.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that acts more like a search engine. A visual search engine.  

It uses visuals to inspire people to travel, try new recipes, do a home makeover, and much more.  These pictures, known as pins, appear based upon whatever search you do.

Most pins link back to a website or particular web page.

So, using Pinterest for business growth is a choice more and more bloggers and small businesses are doing nowadays.

Pinterest is great for driving traffic to websites as well as generating sales.

But many businesses and bloggers do not have time to devote to promoting on Pinterest nor do they have time to fully understand how the platform works.

That is why Pinterest managers are in demand right now.

What is a Pinterest Manager?

In a nutshell, Pinterest managers work closely with clients to develop and implement Pinterest marketing strategies to generate more traffic to a website.

A Pinterest manager carefully looks at a client’s Pinterest profile, boards, and pins.

And after analyzing all the statistics, they offer solutions to their clients to improve performance.

Many businesses do not have time to devote to promoting on Pinterest, that is why being a Pinterest manager is in demand right now.

Day to day activities of a Pinterest manager include:

  • Scheduling daily pins on Pinterest
  • Focusing on Pinterest SEO and keywords for each pin
  • Creating new Pinterest pins
  • Writing pin descriptions with Pinterest SEO in mind
  • Managing Tailwind Account
  • Analysis of statistics according to the current strategy

Becoming a Pinterest Manager

As a Pinterest manager, it is more than possible to make money with the app.

You can achieve this by offering your services as a Pinterest Account Manager.

To be successful at creating your own business with Pinterest, here are some guidelines to help you on your way.

Know Pinterest Inside and Out

Anyone can place a pin on Pinterest. But there is a lot more to know about Pinterest than just how to pin on boards.

And it is the job of a Pinterest manager to know everything there is to know about these strategies. You must become a Pinterest expert.

This includes knowing how to:

  • Create a Pinterest profile
  • Enable rich pins
  • Schedule pins
  • Create boards based on Pinterest SEO
  • Create and join group boards
  • Promote pins
  • Analyze Pinterest analytics

To learn Pinterest, you should start by spending time on it to understand how the search works and to see what pins come up first.

But there are also lots of free information to be found online about Pinterest, from blog posts to YouTube videos. Just keep reading and learning.

And, let’s not forget Tailwind. Tailwind is an app that is designed to help people with scheduling pins and providing additional analytics that will help your account grow.

In this app, you can also join tribes to work with others in the same subject/industry to boost growth.

You can’t say that you are a Pinterest expert if you neglect to learn Tailwind.

Have a Basic Understanding of Marketing

Knowing Pinterest, though vital as a Pinterest manager, is only half of the knowledge needed to successfully make money off Pinterest.

You also need to have at least a basic understanding of marketing.

As a Pinterest account manager, you will be working with your clients to increase traffic to their website from Pinterest.

And that involves creating and executing a marketing strategy that ties your client’s pins to their business goals.

Each pin needs to have a purpose for your client: traffic, opt-in, sales, etc. And each needs to connect to the overall strategy that you have laid out for your client.

Additionally, you will need to see if your strategy is working by analyzing not only Pinterest analytics but Google analytics for your client’s website.

Though clients are paying for your time, they are also paying for your knowledge and results.

So, to be a successful Pinterest manager, you need to know how marketing works.

If you are not sure what a marketing strategy would consist of, don’t fear. It does not mean that you need to enroll in college courses.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and eBooks that you could study to quickly get you up to speed.

Practice What You Know

The indisputable way to know if you have learned the ins and outs of Pinterest is to create an account yourself.

How quickly can you gain followers? How many of your pins are repined?

Not only is keeping track of this information important so you can see if you are growing; but, as a Pinterest manager, your clients will want to see proof that you know what you are doing.

And there is no better proof than showing them your Pinterest profile and analytics.

But what do you pin? What boards do you create?

As a freelancer, you can focus boards on how to work remotely, working freelance, how to go into business for yourself, etc. It’s up to you.

But your boards should tell a story and provide ideas that connect to who you are a business entity.

Launch Yourself as a Pinterest Manager

For growing your Pinterest business, there are two ways you can launch your Pinterest management services: soft launch and hard launch.

A soft launch works well if you already have public profiles on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelance as a virtual assistant. All you need to do is add Pinterest consulting to your profile.

To get more interest in your profile, don’t be afraid to add different Pinterest management packages that you offer.

Then, as you work with more clients, you can transition yourself to a full-time Pinterest manager.

Or, you can dive right in as a Pinterest Manager. Though you can still list your services on freelance websites, you will want to look professional. And that means launching your own website and brand.

If you opt for this route, you will need to find and register a domain name and then create your website. WordPress is a favorite for many freelancers.

Their platform makes it very easy to find a theme and put your site together.

Your Pinterest consulting website does not need to be fancy nor have a lot of pages.

What you need is to detail what different Pinterest management packages you offer as well as saying something about yourself.

Businesses will want some sense of the type of person you are before deciding to make the introduction.

pinterest manager

If you also want to rank high in Google’s search engine for Pinterest management, you may want to consider adding a blog to your website.

Write about trends happening on Pinterest or give tips for succeeding on Pinterest.

Not only will using keywords help you to rank higher to get more traffic to your Pinterest business, but these posts will also help show potential clients that you know what you are talking about.

Starting your own website will require some investment upfront.

So, if you are not comfortable with upfront costs, stick with promoting your services on as many freelance websites as you can.

Find Clients

As amazing as it sounds to have clients beating down your door, you will actually need to do a lot of work when you are starting your Pinterest business to find clients.

Especially with no prior experience, it is you who will need to approach potential clients and sell yourself.

Be prepared to spend long hours with not a lot of return in the beginning. It takes time to build yourself as a Pinterest account manager.

But keep digging and be patient. Ideally, you will want to pitch to at least 10 different businesses or bloggers every day.

The ideal clients are those that:

  • Are new to Pinterest
  • Fail to understand how Pinterest works
  • Are looking to increase traffic
  • Don’t have the time to devote to Pinterest
  • Are a small business

But where do you find clients? Pinterest is full of bloggers.

You can easily search the platform and take a look at different blogger’s audience size, how many pins they have, what is being repined, etc.

And, as bloggers have emails attached to their websites, it will be easy to reach out to them.

Another place where you can promote your services or find businesses looking for Pinterest managers is on Facebook Groups.

Never underestimate the power of friends and family and their connections.

And, when you pitch to clients, make sure that you customize your pitch. Don’t use a cookie-cutter presentation or email for every business. That is going to get you nowhere.

For every business you pitch to, you need to tailor it to what you perceive that business needs to improve engagement. And for that, you need to do research.

Your research needs to include business history and what they sell in addition to what their Pinterest profile looks like (if they have one).

Doing your research and customizing your introduction already lets the client know that you are passionate about what you do and that you are willing to do the hard work.

A strong first impression goes a long way to landing a paid client for making money with Pinterest.  

Never Stop Learning

If there’s one certainty when earning money with Pinterest is that things are always changing. Google is constantly changing its search algorithm.

Pinterest may make changes to their search or analytics. Or, Tailwind may make some changes to their app.

So, you always need to be alert for upcoming adjustments. Not only do you need to know what is changing but how that difference will affect your marketing strategy so you can make a shift.

And, there is always more to learn about search engine optimization, marketing, etc.

You cannot expect your business as a Pinterest manager to grow if you are not growing as well. Technology never stands still, and it is your job to stay current.

Other helpful resources:

A great resource to start learning how to become a Pinterest manager and to become an expert is by taking a course from an expert.

We recommend joining Molly Ho’s Pinterest for Creatives course that will teach you how to position yourself as the go to Pinterest expert and bring in qualified leads for yourself and your clients on auto pilot.

Learn about the Pinterest for Creatives course and start your Pinterest Marketing business ASAP!

Pinterest for Creatives

Position yourself as their go-to expert in your industry and bring in qualified leads on autopilot with Pinterest marketing.

So, to answer if you can make money off Pinterest, yes, you most certainly can. Pinterest managers are starting to play a vital role in helping businesses and bloggers become successful.

With the demand out there, now is the perfect time for starting your online business as a Pinterest Manager.

All you need is knowledge, patience, and determination and you can have your own successful Pinterest manager job.


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